Written by Anonymous

28 Mar 2009

met up with ane a few days before paddies day as i was coming out of a shop in town,id seen ane a few times since our time in the aquadome,taking her kids to school and things,other then a wave and a smile that was the only contact we had,so id pritey mutch given up on her,hi you doing any thing paddies nite am having a get togeather in xxxxxx hotel like to see you there was all ane sed as she pased by,about 10.30 is good,and that was it,as the hotel is a it out of towm an as i dont brink i drove there for 10.30 ane and severel frends and famley were there so just mingled for the next hour or so, i was suprised i know a lot of people there (smale town)noting was happening mutch, ane was with her familey and other then a hallow we dident say anything,id dicided to head off home and was saying good bye to people when ane pased by heading for the toilets a slite wink and a nod and she went out a minite later i followed she was waiting in the hallway,the others are going to a house party but my sister dosent want to go so im going to ask you for a lift home,10 minets later we were heading back into town,i must say ane is good at geting what she wants lol we puiled up outside her house and ane and ema (sister)went to free the baby siter it ha been aranged id take the sitter home ema and the sitter came out and ema sat in be side me ane asked me to go with you to her house (baby sitters) i was a bit put out about that as id had planes for a quick fuck in the car,the sitters house was 15 minets away, on the way back ema was a bit quite, so how long have you been riding my kid sister ema askes i was a bit tounge tide on that one, dont worey im not telling any one,she shurches in her bag then hands me a peace of paper,next time ur in dublin phone,as we puled up in my drive,we get out and walk down to anes house,ane lets us in shes drested for bed ie very little on under her night gown,like a drink she askes us,no ill go to bed as im tired says ema,ill have a tea ane laughs as ema leaves the kitchen and turnes to the kettle,when she turnes back to me her gown is open and shes wearin notting under the gown, come here to me shes as she backes up agenst the work top i want a good fuck now,what about ur sister,she knowes im fucking you wounder she dident chance you her self on the way back,as she was saying this she had my pants open and fondeling my prick i started to lower my self doon on to her pussey no fuck me i want you to cum in me this time as she slid bown my prick as before she came very fast your turne now she sead i want your cum bribbling down my legs,when id cum ane closed her gown an sed time to leave as her and emas hubbeys shoud be home soon,see you next weekend ane says "where" ill sort that ane laughs,as i walk home i think of texting ema an see what happens,as i close the door a taxy stopes outside anes house,