Written by jkhorny

3 Jun 2012

A few years on a warm summer nite kay and i when to town for a few drinks kay was wearing a mini dress that she had from r hols it buttons up the front she looked so sexy it bearly covered her bum she had heads turning both men and women she got up to go.to the loo i cud see the black panties she was wearing they looked so good she came back to the tablr sat down in front of me and dropped her phone on the floor i lent under the table to get it for her i looked up.a saw her legs.a little open wow the.panties were.gone she asked did i like what i see and that she was ready to go home i said id ring a taxi she said no lets walk by this time my cock was so hard we walk up the back road home as we were walking i was running my hand on her sexy arse and her very very wet pussy the road was very quiet she undid the button on her dress to expose her hot naked body i went down on my knees and eat her pussy playing with her arse at the same time she was so wet id never seen her that wet she told me to stand up so i did she took and my cock and said she wanted me to fuck her arse hole wow we haid never done this before so i turn her around bent her over and triedto enter her i codnt get it to go in it was just to tightshe put her fingers in to her wet pussy and rub them on her arse hole i tried agan i goad in kay pushed back really hard.and fastit went right inall the way i fucked her hard for about 3or 5 minutes it was so fucking tight hshe was coming so much it was running down her legs i shoot my load deep in side her hole.wow r first time to do that but not r last lol