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31 May 2010

I was instantly nervous as i stepped out of the hot shower... Everything was smooth and my tummy was doing flips.

*Beep Beep* phone went.. he was on his way.

Got dressed into kinky schoolgirl outfit, with knee high socks. Sprayed on the perfume and off i went.... As i was driving, my pussy was anticipating what was to come.. Lights went red, so i slipped my hand inside my thong, my smooth pussy was now moist.. I couldnt help but smile at the man in the next car.

If only he knew what was under my jumper.

I got to the location, he was there already.

He got into my car and i could see his hard cock under his jeans...

He leaned in and kissed me. His lips soft, his hands roaming to find my breasts.

The jumper came off and he gasped with delight, i could see his cock pulse as he pulled my face to his.. My hands felt his throbbing 8inch cock under his jeans..

I had to get it out.. i undid his jeans and pulled his big hard cock out... mmmm such a big cock... my pussy itched and i could feel my wetness on my thighs..

i licked my lips and wrapped my wet lips around his big throbbing cock... he filled my mouth and i wanted to feel his cock against my throat... i went down as far as a i could and he moaned with delight... mmmm

i wanted him now.... i told him to get out of car.... i went outside.. and leaned over bonnet of car (it was still hot) My breasts hanging over the car as my shaved hot wet pussy was in his full view..... he slipped one, then two fingers in... i wanted him.. he knew it.

He pushed his big cock against my pussy... mmmmm stretched my pussy so much.... he moaned and i groaned... he put his hand over my mouth.. too risky to scream.. but felt so good..

He pushed his cock as far as it could go.. felt so good as he fucked me hard over my car.. every thrust pushing me further up the bonnet.... i knew he was near and i was too.. i wanted to scream with ecstasy as his cock fucked my creamy pussy hard...

as he shot his load up in my pussy, i looked around and grinned at him.....

Was a meet ill never forget......