Written by Fun Couple

7 Nov 2017

Most of my friends and strangers tell me that I'm a very lucky man when they meet Laura. She's young, beautiful, chatty and playful. She's full of energy and lots of fun to be around. She gives out a sexy vibe without being slutty or vulgar. A real gem!

Laura is 24.Above average height at 5,10" and the rest of her is well.. attractive - Size 8/10 nice C cup tits, good legs and ass. Her dress sense makes all the difference. She wears low cut tops just showing the right amount of chest but she always has a scarf keeping her modesty, she moves the scarf depending oh her playful mood, she knows how to use her charms to get the right attention.

We had a great sex life.I never had to ask for it or make a move. She knew when she wanted it and she got it. Random nights I'd come back from work and she's watching TV in her robe and pounced on me for sex. I'd come out of the shower and shell be taken with her legs open for me to kick her. She is great fun.

After a few months together I got into some fantasies. We had a few sessions of tied up sex, blind folded sex and all sorts... a few more months of this and we started to try risky places like blowjobs in restaurant loo or by the beach on holidays. After a year or more I got the urge for a threesome... she was so hot that I just wanted to see her with another guy.

I broke the ice gradually. Hints of how guys would check her out, hints of how how she looks as she strips down saying its a shame that no one else knows how wild she is... one night when away I asked if she'd flash strangers her knickers and she did... she had her skirt up high and flashed a few groups if young men sitting near up.. it was great just having a conversation knowing that a group of guys were salivating about her legs and pussy.We had wild sex that night.. hinting again that all those guys wanted her...

After a few months of hints I asked if I can share her images on forums and porn sites.. it was no initially but she was fine after I tried again showing that cropping out her face works fine.. a few more weeks of this and we started to get loads of messages and friend requests from fit young guys. She loved the attention and the dick pics. I asked if she's like to meet one... just said well they all want you meet you, do you think we could ever be swingers or have an open relationship with others joining us? Immediately she asked if I wanted a threesome with another woman... I said that too but that I am open to having her with another man... she was full of wild emotions for the next few days.. always asking about how it'll make her and me feel, about infections, privacy all sorts.... we spend a few days online looking at forums for tips and learned loads.

A month or so later a random night she asked me to close my eyes as she was sucking me and asked to imagine another guy licking her or fucking her... I came almost immediately! She knew I really wanted it! So the next time we were out of the country I asked her again.We were in big European city with a well known red light district and we had a browse and after a good few drinks we went in to a little place that had sexy male and female strippers/waiters... a few more drinks there and we were both pretty horny.

One of the girls came and joined us and felt both of us up... a bit of tipping got both of us a nice kiss... I got a small lap dance with her.. that was it.. a while later Laura called up a male waiter for a drink and asked him for a kiss... he looked at me and I gave him a nod and and he gave her a massive snog and gave her ass a good squeeze.. she gave him a nice tip too and said to keep the drinks coming.

About 4 glasses of wine for her and 4 Screwdrivers for me we were having a great time with our new male friend. Laura was getting snogged and squeezed right in front of me and he even moved his hands right up her skirt and for a feel.. This bar was mostly full of men and they were all checking out the action at out table... It was too public for anything more.. we didn't know where to go from here... so I asked her how far she wanted to go tonight.. she thought for a second and said.. well he is very cute and he clearly likes us.. so its up to me to decide.. I called up the guy and asked him for the bill... as he came up We had a chat.. asked him what time the places closes, if he's local... small talk... as I paid the bill I wrote her number and said that we'd love to meet him for a drink later on if he was free.. and to message us any time.

The guy smiled and gave Laura another snog and wrote his number on a napkin for her.. we rushed back to the hotel room and started fucking immediately ... we had no idea if he will call or if we should call him.. we fucked hard and had a shower... it was only around one in the morning... she was still horny and so was I..I said fuck it lets call him.. and took out the number and she sent him a text with our hotel name and a selfie of her tits... a few minutes later her phone buzzed with the words now? and a wink .. she said yes and asked me to take her picture of her ... so I got of the bed and took a shot of her in her thong.. topless and sent it

Text again immediately saying free after 2.. it was a mad rush in the room! I texed saying hotel bar 2:30 ...Laura jumped out and started jumping up and down excitedly... I got dressed and pulled out the condoms and lube I had snuck into the luggage in hope of this... She had a quick shower and got in to her lace pants and top and put on a short little dress... we went down and he was already there.. he gave her a nice tight hug and a kiss and we had a nice little big of banter over a drink... this was all new to us and him so we didn't know if we were too obvious or not to the others around us... I hope we just looked like 3 friends... Drink done I said lets move to the room... we got to the room and he started snogging her as soon she got in the door... I was clearly a spectator at this stage... she gave me a quick snog and said you watch... and started to pull off his T shirt...

I often wondered why there was a single chair facing the bed in most hotel rooms.. now I knew why! I sat dick in hand watching him pull off her dress and undo her bra.. she snogged passionately and pull down his pants and took out a pretty good size cock and sucked it... I had no intention of just watching and I pulled off my pants and sat next to him.. She sucked us both for a bit . I got up and moved behind her for a fuck... I pumped so hard and pulled out just before I came again and sat back down... I had to wipe the cum off her back and sat back down.. she jumped on her back and threw our friend a condom and he swiftly got inside her and pumped away into her.... she sucked and fucked and fucked and sucked all night.. It was about 5 in the morning and the summer sun was already coming out by the time our friend was putting his jeans back on... Laura had about 5 shots of cum from me that night... he finished a 3 pack of condoms inside her and she finished him off porno style with a blowjob at the end..

What a night it was... we slept in till about 3 the next day and went out full of giggles... her thighs were bruised with another mans hand marks and her pussy sore from the night of fucking. This was so much fun she said as we had dinner that night.. she said she's never have even thought of it being so good and was so glad I pushed for it.. We had a quiet dinner and her phone buzzed again around midnight .. it was our new friend. She was too sore and tired but she didn't want to say no.. so she said tomorrow? and he agreed ... the next night we didn't bother with the bar.. I popped down for a few bottles of wine and he came straight up to our room.... Laura just stayed in bed getting fucked by us both all night long... a full bottle of lube and about 5 condoms later he left again.. and that was the end of our holiday and the start of a very fun sex life....