Written by Anonymous

16 Dec 2008

We had been looking forward to our bike trip to Barcelona, and meeting up with some friends we only see once or twice a year.

The date came and we all met up at the ferry port in Wexford for the trip to France.It was great to see Tom and Jenny from up North - we always seemed to hang out together on these trips, and they are always good company, and look great in their Harley leathers, especially Jenny lol.Pauline and her always got on well, but nothing had ever happened sexually..The first leg of the trip overnight on the ferry was the usual catching up on gossip/few beers etc.,talking about the roadtrip down through France.

Next day went well, weather was perfect and all 28 bikes made it safely to our hotel near Bordeaux.We all checked in but as we were heading to our room, we noticed there was a prob with T+J's booking and there was no spare room. Without a thought, we invited them to stay in our's, as there was 2 beds anyway and would be no hassle. They thanked us and we all dumped our gear in the room and freshened up for food and a few well earned bevvies.

I had decided on an early night, and the ladies came back to the room also.Within a few minutes I nodded off on the chair while the girls grabbed a drink from the minibar and continued to catch up on the gossip.After some time, I woke to discover the ladies, slightly pissed and watching porn on tv..I perked up straight away!!, and joked that they would be better than the 2 babes that were having all the fun on screen.Pauline was a bit extra horny from the wine,I guess, but gave me a smile, and turned to Jenny and kissed her full on.Jenny was a bit shocked, at first pulled away.After what seemed like an eternity with no one saying anything, Jenny said "fuck this I've always fancied you 2", and returned P's kiss with passion!!.Needless to say I was like a pig in shit, watching my no.1 fantasy unfolding in front of me.After a minute or 2, Jenny,who was naked by now, asked me to go to the bar to bring Tom back, so we could all have fun.We did'nt know how he would react, as we genuinely had never discussed anything like this, but off I went anyway!

When I got there, he was having a good laugh with a few others, so I took him aside and just said we had an issue back in the room with the girls, and we needed him straight away.He was worried by this and we both headed immediately back.I was shittin myself (but had a horn on that was aching!)and did'nt know how to tell him what was going on, or how he would take it.As we approached our door, I just blurted out what was going on inside - he stopped dead in his tracks,and looked at me like he was going to kill me...said nothing for a few seconds while his head got around the idea, then began a big smile and said "what are we doin here - let's join them"!

We bounced into the room like 2 kids..by this stage the girls were fully naked and in the most beautiful 69 you ever saw (like there's an ugly one lol).Pauline looked at me and Tom - I knew what she was thinking, and said "go ahead babe,you know I've always wanted to see you suck another cock". With that, she strolled up to Tom,looking into his eyes, kissed him deeply, then dropped to her knees and reached in for his by now rapidly stiffening cock.I have to say it was a fine specimen, bigger and thicker than mine.She was a bit wide eyed as she admired his manhood, but looked at me and smiled before swallowing it with a passion.Jenny came up behind me and reached around for my hard on and stroked it as we watched my sexy wife blow her husband. Before long Jenny was doing the same to me, and it was amazing - a gorgeous babe licking and sucking me while watching my beatuful wife fulfill her (and mine!) fantasy of having sex with a well endowed hot guy, while I watch.(also my Needless to say it was'nt too long before us guys blew our loads.Jenny swallowed all mine without losing a drop.. but Tom withdrew and shot his (huge) load all over my wife's face and breasts. Jenny then moved over and licked and cleaed every last drop mmmmmm.

Needless to say, we continued for the rest of the night, and the trip.It was Pauline's first time with a woman, and she has neen dropping hint's that I would like to play with a guy, for her to watch.Maybe..Of course we saved on hotel bills for the next 10 days lol, but these are stories for another time.Hope all you sexy people enjoy....xxxxxx