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1 Oct 2013

My partner and I went away from the weekend a few weeks ago and on our first night out meet a good looking young man in a small pub. We got talking and found out he was 21 and a few drinks later we ended up talking about sex. He told us he was bisexual and he thought we were very sexy. Time went on and he got up to go to the bar and when he was gone my partner told me she was hot for him. We have talked about this before but never done anything so i told her we could do whatever she wants when he came back i went to the toilet by the time i got back she was rubbing his leg under the table i looked at them and said we should go back to the hotel. When we got back to the room she was all over him and we were all on the bed in minutes. She started to rub his cock wile i licked her pussey then she took his cock in her mouth and asked me to help her. So i started to lick and suck his balls. He had hand on the back of her head and was looking at me. After a few minutes he was mining loudly and we know he was going to cum so my partner stopped and bent over so he could fuck her doggy as he did i lad under her and licked her clit and his cock as he fucked her and when he was about to cum i started to play with his ass. He grond and came hard. When he pulled out she sat on my face and i licked her clean. She then got up and said it was my turn she pushed his head onto my cock and i started to fuck his mouth. When I was about to cum she pulled him away bent over and told me to cum on her ass. As i rubbed my cock up and down her crack i came so hard it was all over her back and ass. I began to rub my cum into her tight hole and eased my cock up her ass then our new friend fucked her cunt. We all came agen and then he got dressed and left without saying a word. My partner and i fell asleep in each other arms. The next day she told me it some of the best sex she had even had and if we were to do it again next time she wants a girl.