Written by Anonymous

18 Mar 2009

My wife and I had decided to take a short break after the Christmas,We looked up the net for a good area for dogging,We looked at Dublin,but found there was to much hustle and bustle,The same applied to cork,After searching around we decided to go to Co,Westmeath,this is basically in the centre of the country and would allow us travel a distance in any direction,We again went on the net and looked up B&Bs,We found one and phoned up to book a room,the landlady sounded lovely and said if we booked from a Monday,she would give us a 25 percent discount,so we booked for the following Monday.On arrival at the B&B,we met up with the landlord & landlady,"lets call them Chris & Dave",they showed us to our room,and told us the basic rules,I wasn't paying too much attention as i was feasting my eyes on the landlady,She was roughly 35yrs old,she had long blond hair nice tits,and a body you would die for.Dave was about the same age,and quite good looking,a sort of "George Clooney" in his own way,when they left us we unpacked and got out our laptop to find out if there was anyone near enough to have a bit of fun with,there were three possibles so we left messages,we went downstairs and asked advise on where to go for a drink,we headed off to the recommended pub,As we were drinking our first,i said to my wife,"i'd give anything for a fuck off the landlady",and i'd give anything for a fuck off the landlord said my wife,we had only just finished our first when Chris & Dave walked in,the owner greeted them by name,i offered to buy them a drink which they accepted,we sat and chatted,they told us about the local area,what was on and what was not on,As we were talking i spotted Dave from the corner of my eye sizing up my wife.My wife is 30yrs old,long jet black hair and a nice body,with big tits,I didn't mind him looking as i was too distracted,Chris was wearing a light T-shirt,so light i could see two big nipples sticking out,and i assumed Dave had to pour her into the jeans,i could clearly see the print of her pussy lips because of the way she had the jeans pulled up between her legs.After they had bought a drink for us,they said they had to do a bit of shopping,and what would we like for dinner,after a few minutes they left,and my wife said "i thought your eyes were going to pop out the way you were looking between her legs" That's funny i said,because i thought his eyes were going to pop out the way he was looking up your skirt(her skirt was short,not a mini,but dangerously near it).We left the pub and took a stroll around the town then headed back to our B&B,we went upstairs to have a shower and change of clothes,we checked our messages and found nothing of interest,My wife put on an even shorter skirt,and we went down for dinner,we finished and said we were going for a drive to see a bit of the countryside,Dave & Chris came to the door to see us off and i could see him admiring my wife,his last words to us before we left were,"don't go to the car park at ------,it's not safe for young couples after dark.This was like a red rag to a bull,our first mission was to check out the car park,when we found it we agreed it was an ideal dogging location,It was a fairly big, square shaped tarmac area,well off the main road,with big fir trees all around it.We headed off for our drive and arrived back at the pub for about 10/30,just as we got out of our car,Dave & Chris arrived in a v/w passat,we went in and had a few drinks,again i saw Chris trying to look up my wifes skirt,i didn't mind because i was getting a good look up his wifes short skirt,about 1/2 11 Dave & Chris said they had to meet friends and left,we had one more and also left,we decided to give the car park a try,thinking Monday nights are not so good and maybe we were wasting our time,How wrong we were,as we entered the car park the first car we noticed over in the corner was a v/w passat,there was an audi parked next to it,in the other corner there were two other cars,a toyota corolla and an old type merc,We were only there a few seconds when we saw Chris get out of their car and a woman getting out of the audi,They swapped cars and in no time we saw the woman in Daves car kneeling on the passenger seat,we saw Dave get up behind her and start fucking her,My wife was looking over at the car Chris went to,she said look at her legs,i looked over and saw a pair of legs stretched up to the roof,the cars were rocking like mad,before long we couldn't see anything as the windows were getting fogged up,i just couldn't hold out any longer,i climbed over to my wife and in seconds had her top,bra and G-string off,i was up her like a rabbit,we fucked so hard i thought we would be heard in the next county,When i shot my load i got my wife up on her knees and fucked her from behind telling her this was the way Dave was fucking the woman in the car,she got so horny she nearly pushed me off the seat as she backed into me,I reached into the pocket near the handbrake and got a bit of lubrication and put it on her arsehole,i knew this would drive her wild because she loves an arse fuck.I was only a few minutes up her arse and We were so carried away with what we were doing we didn't notice the car that pulled up beside us,the first thing we saw was Dave's face smiling in at us,he had no trousers on, and his big cock(and i mean big) was standing up to his bellybutton,Chris was sitting next to him wearing nothing but her sheos,they laughed and said,do you want to come back to the house and we can have our own private party,we agreed and after we had sorted ourselves out we followed them back to the house.When we arrived at the house Dave and Chris were naked,Dave was sitting on an arm chair,wanking his cock,Chris was lying on the settee playing with her pussy,Dave didn't waste time,he called my wife over and ran his hands up under her skirt,i saw her open her legs,and when i saw her close her eyes i knew he had his hand on her cunt,I dropped my trousers and mounted Chris,i shoved my cock up as far as it would go and started fucking her,she was lovely and wet,I saw Dave laying my wife on the floor and half kneeling and half laying on top of her he pushed her legs up to her tits and drove his cock up to the hilt,he was so far up her i could see his balls banging off her arsehole,he really gave her a fucking,at one stage i thought her tits were going to hit her under the chin,Chris was lifting up to meet my every stroke,I whispered to Dave that my wife liked an arse fuck,this seemed to give him an extra erection,because when he turned my wife over i could swear his cock had grown another inch,Jesus,my own cock grew when i saw him putting it up her arse,and it must have had an effect on Chris,because she started screaming that she was coming,and come she did,she bucked and jumped under me and clawed my back,she called me all the names under the sun and finally shot her cream all over me,at the same time i shot a large load of spunk up her, as i was coming i heard my wife screaming at Dave to fuck her harder,within seconds of us coming,they came together,it looked like he was never going to stop shooting spunk up her.We took a break and sitting there naked we had a glass of wine,We then started again and continued half the night.the next morning we came down,not to a landlord & landlady but to two new friends.We continued fucking for the next three days and on two occasions we were joined by another couple,but the climax to our holiday was on the last night when we had an orgy,there were six men and six women,i will tell you about it in the near future.bye for now