Written by bob10

9 Apr 2011

Ok,from the previous story i posted i'd met with this girl i'd been working with. We were texting and E-mailing and I was hard as hell thinking about the fact that I could fuck her anytime that it would work for us. The problem was that it was hard to find a day that we were both free. Anyway one friday night did seem to work for us but she was loud so I didn't want to meet in my house. She had moved back in with her parents so we decided to meet half way and had pretty much agreed we'd fuck in the car

So I met her in a carpark and drove to a quieter place in the countryside. Nicola was wearing a skirt and her breasts were bursting from her bra as usual. Once we were in the back seat I tore her clothes off her, releasing her tits from the bra. She then undid my pants and was delighted to find i hadn't put on boxers. So she stuck all my cock straight into her mouth and was definitely the best blowjob ever. It was a constant battle not to come.

Eventually i stopped her and she cam up over me and spread her legs. I just pulled her lace thong to the side a slide all the way in. Her pussy was so wet. It was almost dripping. Like i said, Nicola was loud and she started moaning and talking dirty. This caused me to fuck her harder which increased my desire to blow my load.

When i felt the urge to come i told Nicola. She didn't want my cun inside her so she raised up off me sank down and swallowed my dick again. once i felt her throat made contact with the tip of my cock i exploded in her mouth. He teasing and dirty emails and texts had me so horny, she couldn't handle it all and some leaked out her mouth. But she swallowed most of it.

This was my second time meeting her in the car and she still hadn't come, so we planned to meet in a bed next time and I en-devoured to make her orgasm next time.