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2 Nov 2018

one two many

few to many at the pub


3 minute read

well this story maybe unbelievable but it is true me and a few friends went out for a few drinks and i haven't been out in a long time so i was looking forward to it so the hubby was looking after the kids as i got ready i got more and more excited and going out and letting my hair down i got ready and kissed the hubby goodbye and ran out the door in to a waiting taxi and i was gone i made it to the pub and saw my friends and the good girls there are had me a drink waiting i took my coat of and i was ready for the night as the drinks were flowing and we all got more and more drunk the conversation got to sex and how long was it since we had it and how good is it and stuff like that we just laughed the night away before we knew it it was last orders as my friends said we should make a night of it and hit a club i said that was my lot for the night and i was going home we went outside to wait for a taxi as we were stood in a sea of people that were waiting for a taxis my friends got one but there wasnt a seat for me so i told them to go and i would get the next one so of they went i was stood there for 10 mins or so when i was asked for a light by this very attractive guy must of been in his early 20s i gave him a light and he stood with me and we got chatting he said i looked amazing and i just laughed it of and said i was old enough to be his mother and he must be as drunk as i was was it started to rain so we ran under some bushes to get shelter and he kissed me i pushed him away and said not tonight son i am going home to my hubby he said sorry and we just stood there under the bush as it rained then he put his hand up my dress and kissed me i could feel his cock on my leg i dont know if it was the drink or that i found a young lad finding me attractive that got me wet and i kissed him back his hands were all over me grabbing and pulling at my tits and then his hands made it in my knickers and he had two fingers in me fucking me hard i grabbed his cock over his jeans and he was huge and i found myself wanting his cock so i got down and unzipped his zipper pulled out his cock and took it in my mouth it tasted amazing and i just sucked and licked his cock till he was about to burst but he didnt he grabbed me stood me up and ripped my knickers of and with one huge push he entered me his cock stretched my pussy as he fucked me faster and faster i was screaming and just as i was cumming he shot his load deep in my pussy and i could feel his cock pumping his young cum in my soaking wet pussy he pulled out and i stood up his cum ran down my leg i used my ripped knickers to clean it i said goodbye and jumped in the taxi i got home and hubby was still up he asked about my night and i told him good and headed to the bathroom i cleaned myself up and got in my pjs and got in the bed hubby came in and i knew what he wanted so i wasnt sure i could do it again so i just sucked his cock like i did with the young lad and he came quick and we just fell asleep i still think about that night often and i still get wet

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