Written by Bsahful1973

28 Dec 2011

One of those days we all have a work,you know the day your boss is full of shit your workmates just piss you off with everything.beep,beep, text measage from home.just dressed the bed laid in it thinking of you; getting horny!.beep,beep,new text.can,t help myself have my top undone and playing gently with my nipples.my day is looking up i text back.your a naught girl why dont you slip down your pantys and give yourself a spank.ten mins pass.beep,beep,O my ass cheeks red i used my hair brush and loved it now ticking my asshole with my finger.how are you love the though of your fingers up there.text back you little tramp i dare you to put handle of the hairbrush up your ass while you use your dildo on your pussy.beep,beep,she replys.i already have the small one there slipping in the big one in my cunt as you read this want your cock in my mouth now aswell.it now lunch time i now have horn on me and another five hours before home.phone rings workmates look me my phone has been going for around forty mins.what the fuck is he up to!.it home i know she is on other end do i dare anser fuck it.hi babe how are you i say as i walk out the door.ah baby i am wet i am poundind my ass and pussy talk dirty to me.i hurry towards my van and tell her;take dildo out of your pussy and suck the pussy juice off it,keep fucking ur ass. i can hear her sucking that big rubber dick.i put the phone on speaker; oum oum o yes i love bing ur dirty bitch oum oum my pussy tast salty i rather you cum how big are you.i am thumping babe i reply.call me bitch oh i love you pounding my ass and pulling my hair.ok bitch take the big dildo and small one fill that cunt.she moans yes they nearly in oo my god they are in.rub that clit and work that pussy.yes yes tell me i a tramp.work that pussy slut i going to fuck your ass when i get home tonight.yes baby you can oo:ooO yes yes YES FUCK YES---AH AH!!.DOLL you ok .thanks baby i ok how you.i finr pair of blue balls but fine.sorry i make up to you.ok dolls you made my day and you save of these cunts here.