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mount-trek 7 years ago

one good night

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3 min
hi all would like to share a true story that happened to me 7 years ago.i had been seeing a girl called sarah for around 9 months and man was she hot.5/6 in height body to die for and still to this day the must horny iv ever experinced. i was out in town having drinks with friends and had arranged to meet her later in evening. we eventually met up she was with her brother[whom iv never met]and his wife i had heard that her brother was the protective type he had been eying me up a bit but after a few drinks the atmosphere chilled and we went to a club. i was as horny as hell all day so i really just wanted to get sarah back to my apartment but she wanted to stay saying she wanted more to drink. boy she looked hot black maxi dress ass to die for i just could not wait to get her out of there.the night wore on and i got chatting to her brother and his girlfriend lou. she was very good looking about 36 id say a little flirty but really i took no notice, eventually we left and out side lou suggested we go to hers which was 10 min walk from club for a nite-cap so on we went. her apartment was a 1 bedroom place, after a few drinks sarah pased out on settee no waking her i was sickened,lou suggested we stay and she would give us a lift back to mine in morning.we chatted some more and lou got changed into a very very skimpy night gown and sat on mikes lap.he was fair drunk at this stage his hands rolling up and down her thighs,she caught me looking loads of times and seemed to enjoy it at one stage unknown to him gave me a little flash of her blue skimpy thong i nearly shot my load there and then. she got mike up after a bit and took him to bed leaving me and sarah who was sound asleep on setee. after about 5 mins i could hear the moans comming from the got louder and louder i cud not resist a peak.lou was on all fours getting pumped hard. my cock was aching in my jeans so i released it and started to wank off one eye on the bedroom the other on sarah in case she woke,mike did not last to long maybe 10mins and shot his load right up lou,s cunt.he then literally just rolled over and passed out. i went back to sarah turned her over hiked up her dress pulled her thong to the side i knew it was wrong but had to get my cock inside her. it was then i heard movement in the room i looked around and ther was lou completly naked i tryed to speak but she just put her hands to lips and said shhhhhh. she then started giving me the best head iv ever ever had while sarah was asleep right beside me. after a few mins she led me into her bedroom mike was snoring his head off. she instructed me to lick her out my my id never done anything like this before mikes cum was rolling out of her cunt and i greedily licked every bit.we fucked for around an hour me cumming in her twice.i came to my senses kissed her and went back to setee fully satified. when we got up following morning all the talk had been about the night out before and how everyone had such a hangover etc.before we left i was in kitchen getting a drink when lou came in gave me a peck and thanked me for a wonderful ride,keep thse as a momento.i looked in my hand was the skimpy blue thong.thought u liked them she said... our little secret. i still have them and will never ever forget that night

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