Written by horndog27

3 May 2011

So, this story begins with myself and my wife deciding that we would go for a drive and find a nice spot to have sex. It was a Friday night, late, about 12.30am and I suggeseted that we go for a drive. My wife changed into a sexy outfit and into the car we got. We decided to drive over to the Phoneix park. We arrived at the park and went to go down the road at Farmleigh. What did we see in front of us, only a garda checkpoint; two other cars were being stopped and there were about 3 gardai. Both myself and my wife found this amusing as we sat in our car behind another car watching while the garda interviewed the driver. When he was finished he approached our car. I rolled down the window and offered a friendly salutation. The garda asked for my driving licence, which I had and then asked what we were doing there. I just said we were on our way home to Lucan. He then asked who I had with me, I said my wife. He duly bid us goodnight and we drove on. This prompted us to re think our escapade, so we decided to leave the park quite promptly. I suggested Bull island.

We drove to Bull island and onto the beach beyond the round about. There were three to four other cars there as well. We parked up away from the other cars and began to kiss and so on. After a minute or two we climbed into the back seat and I removed my jeans and my wife pulled up her dress.

Then, to our surprise a garda car drove onto the beach, I panicked and said to my wife, it's the gardai again. We both rushed to get dressed before they came near us, we were in such a rush I didn't have time to put on my t-shirt and had to leave on the floor in the back seat. I did have a top though. My wife struggled to put on her shoes and knickers. We settled ourselves down and looked across, the gardai weren't interested in coming near us, they were busy interviewing some young fellas who had parked beside each other and they were checking the boots of their cars. After about 5 minutes we slowly drove away without any notice. It was now 2.30am and both of us were wrecked so we just went home. All the way home we seen garda cars, here there and everywhere and kept joking that they have little to be doing but disturbing people in cars who are just trying to have fun.

The next day we decided to go for a picnic. We drove to Killiney hill and went for a short walk up the hill beyond the woods. We found a nice quite spot on the edge of the hill overlooking Dalkey beach. We laid out a rug and ate our picnic. After the picnic we started to kiss and cuddle. My wife said to me, that she had brought a condom, so we promptly took off the bottom portion of our clothes and went at it in the fine April sun with the wind gently blowing around us. I was conscious of a group of girls not more than 500 metres away, but we were down in a hollow and they wouldn't have seen us unless they came our way. They didn't come near us and neither did anyone else. We finished our outdoor sex session, tidied up our picnic and went home.

Now our codeword for outdoor sex is 'will we go for a picnic'. We thought about doing it again on the bank holiday Monday but it was a bit cool for a 'picnic'.

To finish, we had driven from the city centre to the north side back to the south side of Dublin before we got some privicy.