Written by perfect-irish

24 Oct 2011

Entering the shower I had thoughts of staying the night but she whispered in my ear that her husband's business would be concluded in the early evening and she never knew if he would be home that night or the next morning - he was suspicious of her as he had seen some of her browsing history that suggested interests of which he was not supposed to know.

Any disappointment at this development was assuaged by her kissing my back as she leaned around to turn on the shower with one hand as the other cupped my balls. It was a day of firsts for me, I had not noticed extra nozzles on the walls and was shocked as I was hit by water from three directions - and from the fourth all I could feel was her grinding against me.

I started to turn into her but she held me firm so I stayed still as she squirted shower gel into one hand and began to rub it across my shoulders and chest. What followed was a deeply sensual massage that was not surpassed for me until I visited a gorgeous friend who had newly qualified as a masseuse year later. She worked all the tension out of my body, leaving only one area still stiff - surprisingly I was able to stay hard when I was supremely relaxed.

I turned and kissed her lustily, working my hands towards her crotch but she held them away and began to kiss down the length of my chest. I shivered in anticipation as she reached my cock but she bypassed it and kissed down my thigh and leg, almost to the floor before returning up my other leg. She breathed gently on the tip of m cock while her hands parted my ass cheeks. I had not noticed her bring a small vibrator with her to the shower and nearly jumped as it slid into my ass, lubed by shower gel. I worried about the possibility of electrocution - surprising how alert my mind was - but she assured me she used it in there all the time as it was waterproof; in a way I suppose it made sense that wetness would not effect it.

I had played with my own fingers before but this was an entirely new experience for me. Realising I needed to be distracted she took as much of my cock as possible into my mouth and began to vigorously work the shaft with her lips. It was as close to being fucked by a mouth as I could imagine and I soon felt my balls begin to tighten - as did she.

She stood and told me to brace myself before lifting one leg and tightening it around my waist - before I knew it the other was up and I was supporting her fully while she reached down to guide my cock into her. Taking care not to slip I leant her against the wall and began to thrust my cock deep into her - knowing that I had to be careful with the wet floor I ground against her clit as she clenched around my cock.

Despite her slim frame, I knew I could not keep this up for too long so I reached over and turned off the shower, pushed open the door and walked out to the bathroom. Supporting her on a towel rack I was able to gain more purchase on the floor and begin to up the tempo. The angle pushed her tits against my face and I found myself again sucking on her nipples, the cold air after the shower was keeping them as hard as diamonds. I noticed her hand slide down from my neck and saw she was pressing the vibrator against her clit but could not hold it firmly in place - knowing what was coming I starting fucking as hard as I could, really working her pussy as she teased her clit. It took longer from there than I expected before another wave of orgasm rolled over her and she stopped me, panting and moaning in my ear.

Thinking my job for the day to be over I began to walk from the room when she said "you're too wet to fuck on the bed, lie on the towel, it will keep you warm as we finish this off". I turned around to see a hungry gleam in her eyes, she wasn't through with me yet. I lay back, using a second towel rolled up as a pillow, and prepared myself for her.

She faced away and squatted on me - the angle deliciously teased my head as I pushed slowly into her again and again. I could feel my orgasm immediately begin to build and new that it would be a slow build, my favourite type. She worked the tempo, bringing me closer and slowing down, again and again, until I grabbed her hips and began to build up steam. I knew that she would tease me until I took control so I began pulling her hard onto my cock as I thrust upwards with my hips. Slowly it built, very slowly until I knew I was moments away. She told me she wanted to hear me say it and though I wasn't normally the loud type I felt rather than heard myself shouting "I'm coming, oh fuck yes, I'm coming"

As soon as I stopped pulsing she stepped off me. Hearing my moan of disapproval she said "You don't want to need another shower and I'm about to start dripping what you shot into me - feel free to lick it up though". Being slightly less adventurous than I am now, I declined and she chuckled and told me to go get dressed and she would be out momentarily.

Having dried and dressed myself quickly I was waiting in anticipation to see what she would be dressed as upon her return. I was amazed to see she had returned to demure school teacher clothes, despite the fact I knew my time was up. Her husband had texted her to tell her he was on his way back and asked did she need anything brought home - she showed me the reply "No, I have everything I want at the moment". Smiling, she cupped my ass as she placed one last kiss on my lips and led me downstairs to the door.

Somehow, in the years since, I have only been able to meet this woman 7 or 8 times again. I can definitely see she is in high demand and she always has a new trick for me. Have been texting her again lately and it would seem she may be free in the next couple of weeks.

Would it surprise you to hear that I can't wait?