Written by perfect-irish

20 Oct 2011

I have used the internet for a long time in the pursuit of women and once, what seems a lifetime ago, it happened that I started chatting to a lady from my locale on a well known non-sex chat server. We got chatting and she was very flirty, despite the fact that I was 19 and she was 40.

After a while I began to tell her more about me and to my surprise one day she told me she knew who I was. I asked her her name and she refused. I, of course, told her this was highly unfair and asked for hints but the limited amount she would tell me did not reveal who she was to me.

We kept chatting regardless and she got kinkier and kinkier - so I naturally asked if this was something she would do in person or if it was just net fun. She told me she would love to but that her husband would kill her and that there were other reasons she couldn't. By this stage I was intrigued and had to know who this woman was so I prodded a little more and discovered she was a teacher in my town. Eventually I put together a list in my head of who it could possibly be - my imagination was running wild so it was a long list.

I was only able to reduce this list by throwing names out and judging her reaction. The names which most obviously amused her I discounted, as were the ones which she pretended to get angry about. Eventually I was down to two and I decided to risk taking a guess at which it was. On seeing the more likely of the two in a local bar one night I wandered over and started chatting to her - asking her how school was and saying it was a pity she never taught me - to which she replied "I'm glad I didn't or all this would be too awkward!" My mystery woman was now revealed.

The next task was to convince her that we needed to move on to something more than chat. I assumed this would be a laborious process and started by getting her number. I was shocked when two days later she replied - "My husband is out of town, everything is quiet and I would like you to come over". Without a car I hopped on my bike (ridiculous, I know) and practically flew the three miles to her house. Upon arrival she greeted me with a deep kiss before settling down to chat. She was so easy to get on with and had plenty to talk about, every so often casually dropping a filthy comment into the conversation.

I soon asked if I could use a shower as I had sweated up on the journey in - she told me not to be foolish, we could shower as we started the second act. If I wasn't hard before then, that comment had me at full attention. I allowed her to show me to the tight staircase to her bedroom, noticing how she waited for me to go first so she could watch my ass as I climbed.

Once we got to the room above we began to slowly undress each other - me delighting in the sensuous kissing as she seem to enjoy my fingers teasing her clit. As soon as her tshirt came off my mouth when straight to sucking on her large nipples which stood proudly erect from breasts which were still firm as a teenager's. I gorged on those sweet tits while she freed my cock from my pants, licking her palm before running it across the very head of my cock. No woman had done this to me before and the intense sensation was almost too tough to handle so I lifted her (she was very fit and lithe, not claiming Herculean strength on my behalf) into the bed. Knowing how experienced and capable this woman was, I proceeded to go down on her in order to ensure she wasn't left with only a short fuck for all her troubles.

Her bush was tightly trimmed and her pussy was sweet to the taste and neatly proportioned. The taste of her clit was nirvana for me and all thoughts of slowly building her to a crescendo were blown away as I vigorously ate her out. As she got wetter and wetter beneath me I felt a joyous thrill to be pleasuring a woman who knew what good sex was.

She then pulled my head up her body, leaving her pussy gleaming wet but without an orgasm. I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for and knowing how tight she was from fingering her, I was genuinely worried about exploding too soon. Sensing this she pulled me close and set a rhythm of short, sharp thrusts broken up by moments of stillness which teased me even more. This technique kept me on the edge without sending me over - I was loving her control of the situation. She worked it feverishly and as I pulled my head back to kiss her I noticedher eyes squeezing more and more tightly shut until suddenly she groaned loudly and began to buck beneath me in a frenzied orgasm.

The previous girls I had been with had been capable of only single orgasms and then either chose to or had to stop. This woman immediately rolled me over and pushed her head onto my cock as she continued to finger herself. Until last year I had never been able to endure a blow job long enough to come but in the ten years between my first blow job and the first time I came from one, this was the best of the bunch. She rolled her tongue over and around the head of my cock, keeping me twitching and bucking beneath her. Then she asked me to get rough with her mouth so I began to fuck her face - tentatively at first but building towards hardcore deepthroating. Too soon she pulled away, and told me that it was her turn to make me cum - as I felt she had been the one to make her cum I told her this wasn't fair and pulled her onto her hands and knees before entering her from behind.

There was no circuitous route to my cumshot, I just began to pound her hard and slowly ratcheted up the speed. By some miracle of nature I managed to last ten minutes before I felt my cum begin to rise up from my balls - the sensation had never been so insanely intense before. As I was just about to let go I heard her let loose that familiar moan again and her pussy began to contract around my waiting cock - knowing her orgasm had broken again sent me wild and I sprayed deep inside her.

Gasping for breath I fell back onto the bed as she lay on my shoulder. I felt emboldened and empowered by having enjoyed such an amazing and attractive woman. We fell back into extremely natural chat - as I have said, she was an interesting woman and before I knew it 20 mins had passed and I found her gentle fondling had aroused my young cock again.

She stood and must have seen the disappointment in my face because she laughed and said "Remember? It's shower time"