Written by sandracarey

10 Jun 2013

a story in Swing 4 Ireland prompted me to write this letter. I read about the girl who fucked an older man, and it made me wonder if all the older men were as horny as the one i read about, i decided to go and find out for myself, i got geared up in a short skirt, light top, with no bra underneath, and no knickers under my skirt, i headed to the park, taking my time to have a look who was there. the usual assortment of people were either standing or sitting on the grass, women with children on the swings and slides, young girls with boyfriends, single men admiring the girls, i even got a couple of glances in my direction as i walked to the middle of the park, i had noticed an older man half sitting, half laying on his elbow as he read a paper, i walked in his direction and sat on the grass about fifteen yards from him, as i sat there i saw him glance over his paper at me a couple of times, can he see up my skirt i thought as i drew my legs up to me, i realized after a while that he must be able to see something, i had drawn my legs up and opened them, keeping my back to the rest of the people, once or twice i had to put them down as someone walked past me, after about fifteen minutes i noticed the man had shifted position so he could get a better look, and i obliged him by opening my legs a little further, i saw him putting his hand down to the fork of his trousers and rubbing himself, i got excited when i saw this and wondered what his cock was like, looking at him rubbing it i thought, Jesus, this man is at least sixty, his cock will be old and wrinkled, was i in for a surprise, i got brazen as i watched him folding the paper and laying it down beside him, i got up and walked over towards him and asked him if he had finished reading it, saying i had forgotten to buy one before i came here. he handed me the paper and i thanked him, he asked me if i would return it to him when i had finished reading it as there was something in it that he wanted the address of, i said i would just give a quick run through it and give it back to him, but what he didn't know was, i had spotted the bulge in his trousers, and it looked big to me, i asked him if he would mind if i just sat down and read it near him, he told me there was no problem, to be honest, i only pretended to be reading the paper when i sat down, i couldn't take my eyes off the bulge, it took me about eight minutes shifting around before i could get myself into position to let the man get a look up my skirt, when i saw that he had noticed i was wearing no knickers i opened my legs wider, the bulge nearly tore the front of his trousers open. the cheeky bastard didn't give me a chance to work this out for myself, he looked straight between my legs and said, "don't you get cold coming out without knickers", no i told him, i like to leave them off, i'm glad you did he said, it's a beautiful sight, it was obvious to him that i was showing him my cunt, i looked straight down at his bulge and said, it seems to be doing something for you, it is he replied, i'm as hard as a rock, i joked about him being past it because of his age and he said, if i had it in you, you'd see whether i was past it or not, the usual banter went on, me saying he wouldn't be able to handle me, and him saying, lets go somewhere a bit quieter and ill show you, i stood up and told him i would go, he stood up and walked beside me as we headed for a quieter part of the park, we went to the far end where there was a thick patch of bushes, he stopped beside them and gave a look around, come in here he said, nobody comes down around here, we walked in through the bushes and found a little clearing with a patch of grass, as he reached it i came along behind him, he didn't give me a chance to take a breath, before i knew it he was lifting my skirt, and opening the belt holding up his trousers, his finger found its way to my slit and he started massaging my clit, his trousers fell to the grass, revealing a huge cock, it was at least eight inches, my Jesus i thought, what a beautiful weapon, in his haste to fuck me he didn't mess around with foreplay, he pushed me down on the grass and pushed my skirt up around my hips, he would'nt have any problem with dryness i thought, i was saturated, i was no sooner on the grass when he was on top of me, he wasn't rough, i put it down to excitement, he forced my knees apart with his knees and pushed his cock up against the opening of my cunt, within seconds he was ramming it up me, and i mean ramming it, eight inches of solid muscle was banging into me, and it was beautiful, it didn't take him long to shoot a mighty load of cream into me, and i thought, "fuck it" i don't want him to take it out of me, he must have known what i was thinking, as he shot one huge jet of spunk up me he said, "now that we have the first one over with, would you like another, i didn't even answer him, i grabbed him by the cheeks of his arse and pushed him further into me, i'm not telling lies when i say, this man gave me three cums before he stopped fucking me, but the best was yet to come, as he rolled off me he said, have you ever been fucked doggy style, i told him i had, he told me he loved it that way but his wife didn't let him do it, she said it was degrading, i got on my knees in front of him and he was up me so quick he nearly pushed me forward onto my face, i had never been fucked so hard in my life, he held onto my hips and pulled me back onto the cock that was still rock hard, he grabbed my tits through my light top, then put his hands up under it and pulled me back onto his cock by the tits, i could feel the whole eight inches going up me, between his spunk and my cum juice, i was absolutely drenched between my legs, it was running down my thighs, he fucked me that way for a good fifteen minutes and then spunked me again for the last time, he pulled out of me and stood up, as i stood up i got a bit of a wobble and he put his hand out to steady me, that was beautiful he said, i told him i enjoyed it too, can we do it again some time he asked, whenever you want i told him, then he said what i had been thinking, "you're not worried about my age are you, i replied, your body might be old, but your cock is younger than most cocks iv'e had, he asked me if i would like to be fucked in a bed, i told him i would, he told me his wife would be away for the best part of the next day, and if i wanted i could come round to his house and he would give me a good fucking in his bed, we agreed to meet the next day and walked out into the open park, he gave me his address and told me to call any time after ten o'clock, which i did, ill let you know what happened the next time i write.