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Published 3 years ago
This is what took place when Amy and I went to stay with our new friends Frank and Irene, it's all in the first story as to how we met and I know some of you want to know. We were looking forward to it so much, they are such a nice couple and it is strange to explain, but we enjoyed how they just took us and seemed so confident at their age. They got pleasure from seeing each other fuck us, and we in turn got so turned on by it. We arrived Saturday evening about seven and were a little taken back to see they had company, they explained that Tom and Kate were their closest friends and they regularly swap at weekends. We realised Frank and Irene wanted to share their new young conquests but were so looking forward to another experience we said let's just enjoy. After some nibbles and lots of drinks we were all relaxed, the dirty talk had started and the tension grew. Tom was 70, slim build and nicely dressed, Kate is English, 68 and like Amy, petite with small tits, she had a very boyish cut to her hair, which she let go grey gracefully. Frank started off by taking Amy's hand and pulling her to the floor, he looked at Tom and rubbing his hands all over her body said " wasn't I right?, isn't she a peach?". " I'd like to find out for myself " Tom replied. Frank sat back in his chair pulling Amy with him to sit on his lap, he pulled up her top to reveal her little pert tits, she doesn't need a bra but her nipples were erect and standing out proud. He played with them and then pulled up her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and pushed her legs apart, " want some of this?" he asked Tom. Tom said nothing just got on his knees and pulled down her panties, he was straight in eating her pussy. Frank pulled her top off as she moaned and bit her lip, then Frank got up and put her on her back in his seat, he pulled off her skirt and got his turn eating her pussy. This was happening really quickly, Tom is now completely naked and is fully erect, just a normal size. Frank gets up and offers my wife to Tom, "she's all yours, enjoy " and steps back. Tom kneels between Amy's legs and just shoves his cock straight up, she roars and he just started to fuck her. He's just using her and doesn't last long before saying " oh fuck, I'm coming ", "cum inside her, she loves it, tell him pet" says Frank. " oh yes, cum inside me " and with that he started grunting and emptying his load inside my wife. "Fuck, that was good " he said as he pulled out , we were just sat watching and then Frank took Amy up and bent her over, her arms supporting her on the sides of the seat, cum was dripping down from her pussy as he got behind her and gently eased into her, he then started to show Tom who was boss by really fucking her hard, he was holding her hips and she was screaming out and so obviously coming. They have connected and Frank was taking her to the next level, "tell me what you want pet", "I want you to cum inside me " " tell me Amy ", " oh Frank, fuck me, cum inside me, I love your cum inside me ". With that he started to give a few deep thrusts "here you go pet" and emptied his balls inside her pussy. With that the women grabbed me and said, "let's leave them to it " and took me upstairs to a bedroom. Once there they stripped me naked and both started sucking my cock, it was amazing. Then they laid me on the bed and both stripped off, I wanked as they did. Irene is a size 12 probably, fairly big tits that hang down with nice nipples, she has a hairy pussy to match her long head of hair. Kate is very petite, small tits like Amy with longer nipples, she's very slim body and her pussy is shaved with just a little strip of hair at the top. I was really turned on and they knew I was close so they started to wank me and suck me in turns until I couldn't hold out and came. I then realised it was Kate that was the dirtiest of the lot, she was talking all the time " mmm I love young cum, I can't wait to get that cock right up my cunt, you're mine now and I'm going to fuck you all night ". Then she laid back and spread her legs "come on baby, my cunt needs attention ", I got between her legs and started to work on her pussy, it was different, very dark skin around it and her lips were very pronounced, it was very wet and as soon as I tasted it I fell in love with it, my word I loved it. Irene was sitting on Kate's face and the moaning and smell of sex was like nothing I'd known. The night was a whirlwind, after everyone was touching what they could and being pleasured Kate said "I want you inside me now, but don't come just yet ", she laid on her back and I entered her pussy, I have to be honest I could easily fall in love with her for her pussy alone, Irene's is nice but this was pretty perfect. "Fuck my cunt you bastard" she screamed, and I did. With the fact I'd come before I was feeling confident I could hold out for much longer, and it was awesome what followed. I was fucking them in turns, both on all fours, two pussys looking at me, fuck one and finger the other, we all fucked in every possible position and they did their share of girl on girl. Then Kate took me to a new level, I was shocked but just did as I was told,"get that cock of yours up my arse, I want my arse fucked" she was on all fours and was putting lube on, I was in position and she was really getting me going "you've never fucked someone up the arse before have you?, wifey doesn't take it up the arse? , well I'll tell you what, she's going to get fucked up her arse tonight, Tom is probably fucking it right now so get that cock up me and fuck me with it ". I pushed my cock in and it was a little painful at first as I tried to edge in, but eventually I was balls deep in her and it felt so good. She was being vocal but my head was filled with thoughts, I realised it was Tom that got her this way because he loved anal and he was indeed taking Amy up the arse for the first time. I was brought back to earth by Kate screaming "give it to me, cum with me, fill my arse right up with your cum" and the thoughts in my head of other cocks pumping her, Amy getting fucked set me off and I shot my load up her arse, as I pulled out my cum oozed out " cream pie " laughed Kate. Irene woke me up a few hours later and I was gently fucking her when Frank came in and got on top of Kate, what a mental night, for people their age it's amazing how much we enjoyed it. We left and have promised to return, and when we got home that night I couldn't wait to fuck Amy's arse, it was amazing and we do it regularly now, Toms cock was smaller than mine which was ideal for her, she said she wanted Frank to have her too but he could only get the head of his cock in and then it got too much. She keeps joking with me when I fuck her arse "stretch me out so I can get Franks cock in there ", but I know she's serious and will keep going until he completes the set and comes in every hole. Sorry it's such a long story but if I'm honest I could have told you lots more.

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