Written by Boom

3 Apr 2018

I've been married to Amy for 3 years now, I'm 27 and she's 25. We have a great life and sex is important and amazing, we watch porn and indulge in fantasies to heighten our pleasure. We decided to try swinging before we start a family and joined various sites, I took the lead and after a while we went to meet a couple we had chatted to on line. When we got to the hotel we were taken aback to be honest, the couple described themselves as mature, but Frank was 71 and Irene was 66, we thought they would be in their 40s. To be fair they looked very well, were well dressed and very well to do. We didn't want to be rude and stayed for drinks, telling them we were new to all this. They were a lovely couple and entertained us with their stories and past experiences, when Irene suggested we go to their room we agreed. After a few more drinks and more sexy stories Frank and Irene started to get it on, kissing and feeling each other. We didn't know what to do and then Irene got up and came over to me and French kissed me, Frank took Amy and did the same to her. It was an unusual and unreal experience, hard to describe in fact. Irene was wearing a sheer white blouse and her nipples were hard and visible, she was an amazing kisser. As she kissed me she was rubbing my cock, I was lost in the moment, then I remembered Amy, she was on her back and topless, Amy is very petite, barely 5 foot, small pert little tits, huge nipples and a bald pussy. Frank was sucking her tits and had his hands between her legs feeling her pussy. Again I was distracted by Irene, she straddled me, grinding her pussy on my cock, she quickly pulled off her blouse and bra, her tits were big and fell down, nipples sticking out. I instinctively started sucking on them and was made to stop when I heard the noise on the next bed. Amy was now completely naked, Frank had his hands under her arse and was pushing her pussy into his mouth, his tongue deep inside her, she was moaning and obviously cuming. As I watched Irene smiled and ground her pussy hard on me, then kissed me again. I was all over the place not knowing if I should stop it all. Suddenly I looked over, Amy was lying with her legs wide open, Frank was naked and kneeling between her legs, he was fingering her pussy, but what freaked me out was he was wanking his cock, it was huge, I never seen anything like it, about 10 inches long and very thick, when he pulled back the foreskin it revealed a big head with a pointed tip. I went to stop it but Irene stopped me, " no, let him have her, she'll enjoy it, you'll enjoy it, that's why you're here, you want to see her get fucked by that big cock" she whispered in my ear. I couldn't speak, Amy wasn't resisting so I just watched. Irene laid beside me and we watched what was taking place, Frank placed his cock at the entrance to Amy's cunt, he pushed it in, she was screaming, holding on to the sheets as he forced his cock into her. I can't describe the feeling, guilt, jealousy, and yet I was loving it. He was sweating as he slowly forced it home, grunting and sucking her little tits, Irene was rubbing me and looking really pleased and proud. Eventually Frank said "oh fuck, I'm there, she's so fucking tight". Irene went to him, said "enjoy her baby ", then started French kissing him as he started to fuck my wife. Irene then took control, she's an amazing woman, she took franks balls and started to massage them as he fucked my wife. I was rock hard, watching this old man giving my young wife the ride of her life with the biggest cock you can imagine, and his wife is directing the show. "That's it baby, fuck her. Am, tell him what you want " " fuck me ", Frank started to up the pace, sweet dripping on Amy., he started to moan. "Cum for me baby " Irene said, " oh fuck, it's coming , where will I cum?", "inside her, you have to cum in her, make her yours , Amy darling tell him ", then Amy screamed " oh fuck, I'm coming, cum inside me Frank, I want it inside me ". With that Frank gave a few short thrusts and I knew he was emptying his balls in her. Irene got up and stripped off her skirt and panties, she had a nice body for her age, tanned and a hairy cunt. I stripped and at that moment Irene was the best looking woman in the world, I wanted her so bad, I totally forgot about Amy. I stripped and Irene pushed me on the bed, she straddled me in the 69 position, grinding her cunt on my mouth, it was musky, but oh so wet. I got my tongue in and did my best, it was amazing, she was giving me a blow job like I never had before. Then she started moaning, I looked up to see Frank standing beside me, his massive cock hanging down, still wet from my wife's pussy, he was feeling Irene's tits and had a finger in her arse. She started to cum, flooding my mouth with hot sticky cum, I swallowed all I could. She quickly got on top of me, sliding down on my cock, she put her hands on my chest and started to ride me hard. My mind was racing, thinking of all the cocks that had rode her, came on her tits and inside her. She grabbed my head and started kissing me deeply, then she came again. She again took control and pulled me on top of her, I was inside her and loving it, at that moment she was mine and I was having the ride of my life. She pulled me close, kissing me and then saying " that's it baby, give it to me, I love it, I want you to give me your load", that done it for me and I had the most fantastic orgasm ever. We had a kiss and cuddle before returning to our other halves, they invited us to stay the night in their room.

In the morning we awoke to find Frank on top of Irene, fucking her for all he was worth, we watched for a while and played with each other. I got Amy on all fours and started to fuck her, Frank and Irene stopped and started watching us. Frank got off Irene and came to our bed, his cock is very impressive, standing to attention covered in Irene's juice. "Can I have her again?" He asked, I was only too happy to swap. Irene got on the bed beside Amy, on all fours and I slipped into her really easily, it was amazing, for a woman her age it was so good. I reached in and felt her tits as I fucked her until I came inside her again. What an amazing experience, I love Amy but the experience of fucking Irene was unreal, and Amy was honest and said Franks cock was something special. Since that we have stayed in touch, they have taught us how to trust each other and enjoy life. They invited us to stay in their home for more fun, we accepted and had another experience that we both enjoyed. I'll tell that later if people are interested.