Written by TKMax

7 Nov 2016

Just back from having a great experience this weekend. We were contacted by an elderly couple on here, they liked our stories and had similar tastes, but were finding it hard to get partners due to their age. Ann knew Sara likes older men and wanted to surprise Frank by setting up a meeting with us, she was like me in the sense she loves to watch. We met in a hotel and had a few drinks to break the ice, they were a lovely couple, late seventies but in great shape and immaculately presented, obviously very well off. In the room Ann and I made ourselves comfortable to watch the show, Frank eagerly undressed Sara and laid her on the bed before setting about eating her freshly shaved pussy. After he brought her off Sara got up and undressed him, she was was really turned on now pleased by what she found. She smiled as she took Franks cock in her hand, she looked at Ann and asked " is it ok if I suck your husbands big cock?". This had an amazing affect on Ann, "oh yes dear, I'd like that very much ". Sara got to work on it, sucking it, wanking it as she played with his balls. When he was fully hard she led him to the bed, she laid on the bed, spread her legs and started playing with her pussy. She looked at Ann and said " would you like to see your husband fuck my wet pussy with his big cock?", " oh yes please " was all she replied, she was so turned on herself and was rubbing her own pussy through her dress. Frank then mounted Sara, pushing his cock deep into my wife's pussy, and he started to fuck her. Sara was very vocal and this sent Ann wild, she wasn't part of the original plan but things changed, she started to kiss me deeply and felt my cock, she removed her dress and pulled me on her as she lay on the single bed. I pulled off her knickers and started to eat her old pussy, covered in grey hair but wet and sweet tasting. The sight of her husband fucking the arse of my wife was too much, "fuck me " she demanded, so I got on top of her and buried my cock in her old grey haired cunt. When Frank turned Sara over to fuck her from behind Ann wanted the same, as we fucked each other's wives in unison the passion was intense. Ann was now so vocal as well, " go on Frank, fuck her hard, fill her up with your juice ", and "oh Frank, he's fucking my pussy so good, come inside me, please give me your load ", and I certainly did, I emptied my balls in her at the same time her husband was filling my wife up with his. We decided to swap for the night and I had a great night with Ann, she woke me up early with her mouth on my cock and I fucked her long and hard. When we went back to my mom Sara was sitting on top of Frank and finishing off their night and getting another load. It was a great experience and with such nice people, I hope to reach their age and have the same outlook and stamina to see it through.