Written by TKMax

6 Dec 2016

Reading a recent story took me back a good few years ago, not long after I got together with Sara. As I've said in other stories she is really mad for cock, she loves new encounters and never misses an opportunity. As in the recent story, I too had to go abroad for a short spell with my trade, and knowing how horny Sara gets was a slight worry for me. I knew she would have to get laid, and I had no problems with that, but I was worried about her safety going out and what she might encounter. I had a married friend that I used to tell about my exploits with Sara, he was a little older and his wife was now more interested in being a housewife than a lover. I suggested he could help Sara out when she needed a ride, and given all our predicaments discretion was assured.

A week after I left Sara text me to let me know she had asked Mark to call that evening. That night she said he did call, he wasted no time in getting her to bed where he ate her pussy before fucking it hard for an hour before he filled it up, he then had to go back to his wife. He continued to ride her regularly, mostly during the day when he was "working ".

During my spell away there was a wedding reception in Galway, Mark, his wife and Sara all headed off. Sara doesn't drink and asked Mark to slip up to her room later in the evening, after the music got going Mark noticed Sara was missing so he went to her room. He later told me he got the shock of his life when he walked in to the room. Sara was naked on the bed, facing the door on all fours, her big tits swinging under her as some older grey haired man held her hips and was ramming a massive cock into her pussy. She just looked at him, moaning loudly as they continued to fuck, Mark just turned and left, but he said it was such a turn on and he understood why men like that. As soon as he seen the guy return to his table he returned to the room, Sara was waiting for him, on her back with her legs spread and cum dripping from her well fucked cunt. He just went straight for it and fucked her. He came to her room later that night and said it was a turn on to be fucking Sara with his wife sleeping just a few doors away.

I returned shortly after that and took over the role of satisfying her, but I do get lots of help and always looking for more helpers.