Written by alextorres

31 Aug 2013

I was on holidays recently with some friends when I noticed a group of women by the pool. So sitting there listening to my iPod with my sunglasses on so they couldn't see me I was staring at two of the group. One of the woman had her bikini top open at the back so she didn't get tan lines, I was hoping she would turn around without it on. Anyway she eventually turned around and I realised it was one of my old teachers. She is roughly 9 years older then me. I had awash had a crush on her. Later that day the guys said they were going to the shops to get some stuff, I wasn't in the humour, I was too tired and needed a shower. Standing on the balcony of the villa in the complex I noticed my old teacher walking by, I shouted to her and when she noticed me she seemed happy and we began to chat. After about fifteen minutes of talking she asked if I could have a look at her laptop for her, it had been acting up. I said yes and we walked to her villa. Sitting there trying to sort her laptop and talking with her when she got up, as she walked to the counter she dropped something and bent over right in front of me. She had always had a sexy body and I always enjoyed looking at her nice ass, but this was even better as I could see her bikini through her sarong. I looked away as she started to stand up. I got her laptop working and I got up to bring it over to her at the counter where she was making tea. She was thanking me when all of a sudden I could feel her hand on. My leg. It was slowly inching further across until she began to touch my cock through my surfing shorts, I looked at her and she looked at me, we began kissing frenziedly. She stopped and went to the sliding door locking it and pulling the curtains. She grabbed my hand and brought me upstairs. As we went up I couldn't help but put my free hand on her sexy ass. I had always fantasised about her but never did I think it would come to this. We got to the bed room and kissed as she stroked my cock through my shorts. I pulled off her sarong and began rubbing her pussy. As we continued she began to open the string on my surfing shorts. She went to pull them down but as she did they got stuck because I was so hard, she grinned and said omg, your like a rock. After pulling them down gently she began to suck my cock, then sucking my balls and telling me how much she wanted to see my cum. She took off her bikini bra and I pulled her up and pulled her against me pressing my hard throbbing cock against her while I sucked her perky tits. I lay her on the bed and slowly pulled down her bikini bottoms. As I made my way up I kissed her legs the whole way up until I reached the top, then I licked her, I could taste how wet she was. I kept licking her while holding her hips and pulling her close to my face, she screamed and orgasimed . She pulled my hair and I began making my way up between her legs kissing every inch of her body until the tip of my cock touched her wet pussy. I realised I had no condom and I told her thinking she wouldn't want it without one. She looked at me and said just do me now without one, I want your rock solid youngest cock in me. I know she wasn't on birth control and I was worried I wouldn't be able to pull out in time because she was so hot but I decide to go for it. Sliding my hard cock inside her felt so good. She moaned as I fucked her, the noise of my cumfilled balls hitting her ass and the noise of her wet pussy as my cock slid in and out. It was so good. She wanted to be on top and as she pushed me down she grabbed my cock and slowly guided it inside her. She was soon bouncing up and down on me. I could feel her tensing inside and she almost froze for a second as she groaned and bit her lip, I could feel her orgasim and it was so sexy. She decided to tease me a little, sliding her body up slowly until only the tip of my cock was inside her, then she slid back down the whole way, she did this a few times and I got to say it was so nice. She lay down beside me as if for me to spoon her and she opens her legs and told me to finish inside her, I said but what about you not being on birth control, she told me not to worry as she pulled my hard cock between her legs. I slid inside her but still wasn't sure about finishing in her. As I fucked her it felt amazing and I didn't want to pull out, she screamed that she wanted my cum and almost as if on demand I exploded inside her. It felt amazing and had to be one of the biggest loads ever, she screamed and bit her lip while my young hard cock pulsed and squirted my hot cum inside her. Pulling out slowly a she was soaking and I could feel my cum starting to drip from her. She told me it was the biggest load she had ever got and that she had only ever let one other person cum inside her, that was her ex who she had been with for 14 years. As I got dressed she told me she was going home tomorrow but that we should meet up when I get home.

I'm only home since yesterday so ill keep you posted in how our next meeting goes