14 Jul 2017

I had known Kay years ago, we were just teenagers at the time, I remember she pulled me off one night outside a disco. We met up by accident about a year ago, at a funeral of all places, it was strange to meet after all those years ,almost 30. We chatted and it was like electricity was crashing all round us. Anyway we were disturbed by someone joining in and then her husband came over. I thought no more of the meeting and then last week I bumped into her in Athlone, it was really strange to meet up like that, it was in the Raddison hotel, I was there for the day and night with work and I met her in the shopping centre under the hotel. Do you want to come to my room I said, she nodded and we went to the room, it was really alkward at first, laughing and messing but then she took out my cock and started to wank me, I asked her to stop, I was too aroused, but she wouldn't, she just wanked me harder till I spunked all over the bed, now she said that's the 30 year load gone , you can eat me now and fuck me