Written by lucky me

12 Jan 2013

So I was doing a round one evening and the hospital was very quiet. Most of the patients were in one ward and the other had just one patient who was well. As I walked in to the ward I was happy to see two good looking nurses chatting. They were surprised to see me there as there were no patients.

We got chatting, they were both good looking and in the late 20s and we were talking about work and the ward and all lets of stuff... The younger one of the two was very good looking... Black hair and a decent colour..she was getting closer and closer as she spoke to me and was playing with her hair and clothes. Chatted for about and hour and I jokingly asked if they were free to go to the doctors res to hang out. They weren't able to leave the ward but to my joy the second nurse (C) told the other one that she will cover the ward and for (J) to go for a break. We came up to the doctors res and spoke for a while and I took her to my room. We didn't have much time so I grabbed her and kissed her and she started pulling at my crotch. I locked the door behind us and we stopped naked and jumped on the bed. I kissed her all over and licked her till she came... Luckily I had condoms in the gym bag as she insisted I wear one ( health care workers for ya) and we had a great time for about an hour and off she went :)

This was a very small county cottage hospital so no one else was around to see or know of what happened. She came up again in her next break. and we had another round a few hours later... This was the stuff of fantasy I couldn't believe my luck!

The only this I could have hoped for was that the other nurse would have joined too...