22 Jan 2018

Where in Africa would you like to go to?

My most wonderful trip abroad was to Zimbabwe and Zambia in 1999. There was my first attempt at stripping off in the outdoors ……………….

It was a particularly hot day so shorts were all that could be worn. When everybody else had left the Zambezi river, and I was relaxing alone, I thought this might be an appropriate time to be adventurous and see what it feels like to step outside of society’s restrictive clothing conventions.

My heart was really racing as I unbuttoned my shorts and slowly slipped them down over my bum, along my thighs, then quickly stepped out from them. There I stood Bare Naked! for all the world to see, for the first time ever!

A multitude of unfamiliar feelings consumed my insides: the excitement and anxiety of being so ‘bold’; both pride and shame for breaking a taboo. On the outside, on my skin; the bright sun warmed my genitals; and a gentle breeze curled around my thighs to kiss my bare bottom ……..………

It was soooo exciting and arousing! Though consumed with irrational fear and shame that anyone might witness my enjoyment, I walked into the river, which was lovely and cool on the skin in the heat of the African sun. Can you almost feel the current of cool water curling around the thighs and up the bum, mmmmmhh? So many wonderful and new sensations, it was soooo arousing; completely lost and oblivious to the surroundings …..………...

Until a local fella broke the spell: “There are crocodiles in these waters!” Ooops, that sounds dangerous! Perhaps it would be wise to come out of the water! And reveal my vulnerable nakedness? No way!

Foolishly, the fear of being judged by a stranger was greater than the fear of being eaten by crocodiles! What strange morals we are taught, to form our priorities all backwards!

Eventually, I courageously ventured back on land, head lowered, waiting to be struck down by the gods in the heavens; but they took no notice; neither did my local saviour; perhaps they had seen it all before!

So, I learned that it’s not such a big deal, that irrational fear just blows things out of proportion. And that information has helped to push out the comfort zone so much further and further.

I’d like to hear more of the things that bring joy to your heart, and arousal to your loins................