Written by Philip69

14 Jul 2013

I have been talking to a girl on another site for a couple of weeks and right from the stage where we got talking seriously about a meet she said that she will get her way and I will do things her way. During our chats we discovered we both were into the mod era while growing up where the parkas and trench coats were the fashion. On Friday morning she texted me and said she had free house and asked did I fancy calling over. As I only lived 15 mins I said giv me 25 to giv me a chance to shower but she said don't worry we will shower together. I got the address and was told when I walking in the gate ring her and she will let me in. I left the house in anticipation in my shorts and tshirt looking forward to meeting her face to face.

I reached the gate rang her number and as I got to the door it opened and here she was in a parka jacket and she brought me in by the hand and lead me to the bathroom and there was the shower running and the stopper in a large jacuzzi bath.i getting horny thinking of what was to happen next and then she told me to strip as we needed a shower to cool us down so I stripped and then she removed her jacket to be naked underneath and both off us into the shower and started to wash one another and using plenty of suds while our hands wandered over each over and she had a lovely perky tits with very large nipples.After a few minutes she sat on the seat in the jacuzzi and put her legs out over the edge and I needed no invite to start fingering that smooth pussy so I started with two and she was moaning quietly with enjoyment so then I put a third in and caught the clit and started to play vigorously with it and then she groaned more and went and started to squeeze my nipples which i really do enjoy so I had to put my fourth finger in and really finger fuck and hear her scream. After a few minutes she got out of the jacuzzi and said let's dry off.we dried off with a towel and then went to her bedroom where straight away in there she said u made all wet earlier so this time I want u to fuck me as good with ur younger she sat on the edge of the bed do I kneeled in front of and straight away I put my younger along lher clot and slowly worked it around it teasing her a bit while I squeeze her nipples as the pay back to her doing it to me earlier and I got a huge roar from her and them she pushed my head further in and then started to push and pull it go with her the way her body was going so she could come and sure did she come.

She then lifted me off my knees and put me on top of her and we started to kiss passionately.

After a few minutes she whispered in my thanks babe and call back on tues if u want to shoot ur load

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