Written by TKMax

23 Jan 2017

Sara and I had our first meeting of the year this weekend, we'd been chatting to Mike and Kate for a while, they are an experienced couple, early sixties. They already had a meeting arranged with a young couple, Paul and Eva, and said we could meet for a drink and see what happens. We went to the hotel and had a couple of drinks with them, a lovely couple, both tall and very well to do by their appearance. Paul arrived on his own and explained Eva was ill, so after a couple more drinks we decided to have some fun. Kate is not bi and as she had Paul before she suggested I join her and her husband and Paul would service Sara. We all agreed, I knew Sara was delighted with this. I went to Kate's room, once inside one of the best nights of my life started. After a long passionate kiss Kate dropped to her knees, pulled out my cock and gave me a fantastic blow job, sucking me deep and massaging my balls.

She then smiled, stripped naked and lay back on the bed, opened her legs and started to finger her pussy, looking me in the eye and said " tonight this is all yours, enjoy ". She had a fantastic body, great tits, big nipples, slender frame and a lovely pussy neatly trimmed. I stripped off and went straight down on her, it was heaven, she tasted delicious and I couldn't get enough. She is really experienced and it shows. She got on top of me in a 69 and gave me an incredible blow job, I was eating her pussy and then what happened blew me away, we came together, just as I blew my load in her mouth she came all over me, her juice flooding my mouth as I lapped up as much as I could. We then French kissed, it was so hot, and in no time I was hard and ready to go again. She lay on her back and I eagerly pushed my cock into her tight pussy, her long legs pulling me in to her. I fucked her slowly, making love to her, then hard and fast. She got on top of me and rode me hard before I got behind her and fucked her doggy style, she wanted me to fill her pussy with me on top of her and kissing her, I did and it was a great feeling, her pussy muscles gripping my cock and draining me dry. We got a couple of hours sleep and I woke up with Kate sucking my cock, we fucked in a few positions and then she said to me " will you fuck me up the arse? , I want you to come in my arse". I was only too delighted to try anal with her, after a little play and some lube I finally got inside her arse. It was so tight and felt so hot, she was cumming and urging me to "fuck me harder ". Just then her husband walked in, I'm balls deep in his wife's arse, he just says ", hi, you two are enjoying yourselves ", gave her a kiss and went to shower. With that I exploded and came in her arse, what a night. When I got back to my own room I found Sara on her back, legs wide open and screaming the place down as Paul fucked her hard, leaving his load in her along with the one Mike had left before he went back to his own room. At breakfast we swapped stories and it made me so horney I asked Mike if I could have Kate again before we left, we had a quickie, she is an incredible ride and I can't wait to have her again. Sara had an awesome night too, I'll tell you all about it soon.