Written by TKMax

9 Feb 2015

I have met many some nice people on here but one guy in particular was a real gent. I met him through the chat room, he was looking to meet couples, we were looking for fun. He was worried he was too old for us, we are in our 40s, he was 60, but Sarah had no problem with that at all and he was such a nice guy. He is called Dan, married, but he plays alone as his wife is not into sex. We chatted for months, and he seemed perfect for us. Sarah had an experience with two guys without me and said it was unreal, she could let go and not worry if I was enjoying myself. I asked Dan if he could bring a friend, unknown to Sarah as a surprise. We met Dan in Dublin and he brought a friend he plays with, Kev who was 63 but very nice and polite. We all chatted at the bar then Sarah left for the room expecting us to lose Kev and join her.

I told the two guys to go and enjoy themselves and I'd join later. Sarah was shocked when they arrived, but quickly realised she was going to be the centre of attention. Dan kissed her deeply as Kev stripped her naked , they laid her on her back and began their assault, Kev licked her pussy as Dan stripped. Dan then went straight for it, eager to claim his prize after months of talking. He pushed his cock into her very wet pussy and felt her tits as he fucked her. By now Kev had his cock in her mouth, fucking it as he held her head in his hands. They didn't last long until they came, in her pussy and mouth. Sarah hadn't cum and was worried they wouldn't get hard again, she need not worry at all, after a short time of them licking her pussy their cocks began to stiffen ready for action. This time she sucked Dan as Kev g behind her, forcing his fat cock up her dripping wet pussy. What a sight I g as I walked into the room. Sarah on all fours with Dans cock in her mouth, Kev holding her hips as he fucked her hard, making her big tits swing under her. There's something about fucking someones wife as they watch, and it seemed evident when I was there. Kev fucked her so hard, short strokes, pumping for all he was worth, looking at me as he emptied his load deep inside Sarah. No sooner had his cock slipped out of Sarah , Dan replaced it. His cock was longer but slimmer, but he was an expert as he fucked Sarah, making her scream, clenching the sheets as she came, then I saw his buttocks clench and I kne he was cumming inside her pussy too. By now I was stripped, stroking my hard cock, bursting to cum after seeing Sarah been fucked so hard, being a real slut in front of me. I just pushed my cock into her gaping pussy, wet from her cum and the guys spunk. I was so horny and fucked her hard until I came, adding mine to the mix. Sarah was well and truly fucked, but very happy. We plan to do it again soon, and Kev is bringing his wife along. He wants me to spend the night with her as he and Dan have Sarah, eventually he hopes his wife will agree to us all getting together, I can wait.