Written by Ted

15 May 2017

Kate and I have been married for 25 years, have 2 grown up kids and an active sex life. Kate has only ever been with me and for a while now we talked about swinging, we joined on here and chatted to some great people. We hadn't done anything as Kate is very shy and reserved, but I wanted to see her with someone else so we set that as a starting point for us. We discussed it with Mark and Amy and and he said he would do the deed for us, so we arranged to meet in a hotel. We chatted at the bar and had a few drinks to relax. They were a lovely couple and Kate seemed relaxed, she liked Mark and Amy was making sure she was fine with it all.

Mark suggested we go to the room so even though we were nervous we were also excited. In the room I kissed Kate, she was shaking, I undressed her slowly, leaving her naked. She has a great body, nice tits with huge nipples and she always keeps her pussy trimmed, just a little patch above her slit. Mark undressed and Amy was on her knees sucking his cock, getting him ready to fuck my wife. I lay Kate on the bed, then sat back with Amy to watch the show.

Mark approached Kate, spreading her legs before going to town on her cunt with his mouth, he greedily ate her for all he was worth. He then knelt beside her and put his rock hard cock in her mouth, Kate sucked it while playing with his balls.

Then the moment of truth, he positioned himself between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt, Kate moaned out loud as he forced his massive rod into her. He started slowly, long strokes, then upped the pace, he was sucking on her tits as he plunged his cock deep inside her. Then he turned her over and again easily slipped into her cunt, Amy was talking to Kate " do you like his big cock fucking you?", and Kate was saying "yes, I love it, it's so big, I want it ".. Mark grabbed her hips and started fucking my wife really hard, her tits were swinging under her with every thrust. Sweat was dripping off Mark and suddenly he announced "I'm coming, where do you want it?", " cum inside me, I want it in me ", Kate said. Mark gave a couple of hard thrusts and emptied his load deep in my wife's cunt. After we went for a drink in the bar and I couldn't wait to get Kate back up to the room where I fucked her well used cunt again.