Written by P

19 Jun 2017

Last Saturday night i was in my local and met up with a couple that live next door. When it was time to leave Claire , the wife, asked me if I wanted to share a cab. By the time we arrived at their house the hubby was asleep in the back of the cab, Claire asked me to help her get him inside. We managed to get him to the bedroom and he just panned out. She asked me to stay for a drink and as my wife was in bed I said fine, as we drank she told me that things were not so good, he is drinking too much and neglecting her needs. All of a sudden she leaned in to kiss me as we sat on the couch, I was a little shocked by this but went with it, she's a fine looking woman, short blonde hair, big tits and a shapely body. As we kissed she dropped her hand on Tony crotch and was feeling my cock. We said nothing, then she dropped to her knees, pulled my cock out and started giving me a blowjob, it was surreal, her husband could have come in at any moment, it was happening so fast. Suddenly she stood up, pulled down her panties and straddled me, my cock disappeared into her wet pussy easily. I did say we shouldn't be doing it but she just said "please don't say that, I really need it ". She frantically rode me, pounding up and down on my cock. I felt her body quiver and I knew she was coming, I could feel the heat of her pussy and then I exploded in her pussy. She got off me and went to check on hubby, still conked out. I tidied up and said goodbye and left. Next morning she text me to say could I come over to talk about what happened, hubby was going to be out for a while. When I went around she was just out of the shower, wearing just a robe. This time I took control, I had fucked her but not seen her body. I kissed her and opened the robe, it dropped to the floor, she looked stunning, a dark patch of hair covered her cunt, her body glistening from the shower. I kissed her and fingered her pussy, she led me to a bedroom and I laid her out on the bed, she opened her legs wide, what a beautiful pussy I said as I went to devour it. I spent ages eating her out, it was so good. I mounted her then and fucked her hard, she came screaming the house down. I fucked her in various positions before I blew my load inside her again. We never did talk about the previous time, I think we both knew exactly what would happen and I know that it will happen again for sure.