Written by NDK

20 Dec 2009

It had been a beautiful day the evening was warm and in the hotel room we prepared for an evening out I had booked a table for a romantic meal at a little restaurant along the main canal. M was dressing (she had just selected a little sexy white thong from the drawer) she looked at me with that impish smile of hers and said 'I feel like being naughty tonight' I knew at once what she meant and I said I was up for anything she wanted to do. We finished dressing and she looked absolutely stunning in her new white dress that hugged her sexy size 10 figure with only a very skimpy white thong underneath the outline of which was just visible through her dress, (her boobs are not big but I believe they are just perfect size 34d) and her cleavage looked fantastic she wore a pair of red stilettos and carried a little red handbag to match, her legs looked as if they went on for ever, for a 44 year old woman she looked like a million dollars and I couldn't wait to see the reaction she would have on other men in the restaurant.

As was usual when we go out together we get great service as the waiters can't keep their eyes off my girl (I enjoy the attention she gets from other men it makes me feel good and gives me a thrill) the food and wine were excellent and afterwards we decided to have a walk we arrived at the Piazza San Marco were there was a number of restaurants and café bars at one a jazz band played and we liked the music, we found a table at the back of were the band was playing and she sat down to listen and I went to get us a drink I came back a few minutes later with the drinks and she had moved the chair around a bit to get a better view of the band or I should say the double bass player who she said was cute, he was standing only a couple of metres away directly opposite were she was sitting as I sat down she slowly crossed her legs and looked at me and with a that cheeky naughty girl smile of hers and said 'guess who got a nice flash?' well I didn't need to guess for the bassist had smile that went from ear to ear. When the music stopped the bassist leant over to the piano player to tell him what he saw and within a short period the piano player stood up to have a look at my girl over the top of his piano and of course M couldn't resist giving him a little flash as she leant over to talk to me she uncrossed her legs giving them both a good look of her legs and panties (I of course pretend I have no idea what is going on) M gives the musicians a nice smile as if to say I know what you horny guys are looking at and puts one foot on the little kerb that runs along the edge of the walk way its only a few inches high but its just enough for her to give them a much better view specially when she leans over and talks to me by this time we are both feeling horny and I tell her that I want to get a view as well so I go off to find the toilets which are at the back of the bar the toilets are unisex and barely enough room to swing a cat but there was two cubicles and a sink, after washing my hands I went back out of the bar but didn't return directly to M I looked over to her and she saw me out of the corner of her eye I strolled over to edge of the terrace over looking the square and admired the scenery I was standing about a couple of metres behind were the bassist was playing and looked past him at M she still had one foot up on the kerb and she looked at me and slightly opened her legs, my vantage point was not as good as the bassist but I got an eyeful (the strange thing is no matter how many times I have seen this view it turns me on especially when we are out and I know that some of those other guys have got a peek).

I returned to M and sat beside her again and she turned to me to ask had I found the toilets and were they were I told her and pointed to the open doorway beside the bar she got up and walked in the that direction and all the musicians watched her go I think by now the word had got round the whole band. A few minutes later M reappeared and she came back and sat down beside me holding her closed hand out to me she asked 'would you look after these?' as she slipped her thong in to my hand (I felt my cock stir with excitement) she looked at me and said 'I am feeling very naughty and wet, those naughty guys are looking up my skirt and I want them to see a little more I hope you don't mind?' I was so excited and turned on I said 'it's okay with me you can do whatever you want just keep telling me what you are doing' she replied 'keep your eyes on the bass player' she crossed her legs and lifted her crossed leg a bit as she bent down to adjust her shoe, wow the bassist got the full monty and I imagined what view he was getting of my girls pussy (she is mostly shaven with a tidy little Brazilian bush of hair in the middle) I could see he wasn't able to contain his excitement and didn't wait for the music to stop he leant over to the pianist and told him what was on view I watched as the pianist looked over the top of piano I imagined what they were talking about. M finished readjusting her shoe and looked at me asking 'did I get a reaction?' I replied 'I reckon that you not only got a reaction but have probably got two erections as well as my own' we laughed and enjoyed the dirty thoughts we were sharing with each other for a time and the two musician couldn't resist keeping there eyes on my girls legs whilst glancing at the music occasionally.

A short time later a gondolier arrived on the scene and was obviously good mates with bassist and during a break in the music they must have been discussing the events which had taken place so far. As they looked in our direction I imagined what they were discussing in their conspiratorial way 'do you see the woman in white over there she arrived a while ago and I got a couple of flashes of her legs and knickers and then she went to the toilet and came back with no knickers on and she give us a great show of her lovely little pussy she knows what she is doing to me but I don't think the guy with her knows - I would love to fuck her'.

The story continues in M's own words;

I was enjoying every minute of my flashing experience on this night as I had a captive audience and the pleasure of looking at my partners rising cock, knowing he was being turned on enticed me to be even naughtier. When the gondolier arrived the adrenalin rushed through my body as the sight of his uniformed toned physique and I thought umm'¦ he could give me a boat ride anytime! That got my juices flowing. It always amuses me that at this stage in my life younger men find me attractive. Knowing that I was being watched gave me a feeling of control as I had never seen grown men lean so much to one side to achieve a better vantage point, so because of their effort I gave them full view and I suppose my partner was turned on at the thought of the fact that I was naked under my white dress and he could see the effect I was having on them whilst pretending to them he didn't know what was happening.

Not long after the first gondolier arrived his friend joined him and he wasted no time in telling him of the lady in the white dress who was flashing her pussy not to disappoint him I leaned forward opening my legs slightly to give him a full view of my now very wet pussy! The night was winding down and the band was playing its last song and I thought I better visit the ladies before we depart. When I got up to go I diverted my gaze from the gondolier and proceeded into the toilets the only cubicle left was the one with the faulty sliding door but as the wine had given me Dutch courage I decided to raise my dress and proceed. Unaware that the gondolier had followed me in and was now watching me as I peed my memories wandered back to my school days when the janitor of my secondary school always seemed to appear when I was at the toilet he said nothing but I kind of knew at that early age what was on his mind '¦ to my surprise as I my wiped myself clean the gondolier was watching and I slowed the process down playing around my clit with the paper.

When I fully opened the door he was standing so close I had to excuse myself to get passed him and he only moved slightly, my butt brushed his groin and I could feel his arousal. After I washed and dried my hands I went to leave but he placed his muscular arm around my waist and pulled me towards him asking if I wanted to go somewhere more private my heart raced at the anticipation of what could be. As he reached his hand down under my white linen dress my nipples stiffened with excitement as my hand ran across his bulging cock. Towering over me his six foot plus frame engulfed my petite body as he leant forward to kiss me, I could not resist his advances and my thoughts went to N waiting patiently outside but as I was caught up in the moment of lust and knew N would understand and we would both enjoy playing the scene over and over again when making love.

The gondolier wasted no time his tongue was exploring my mouth and he knew I was his for the taking I felt his hand on my leg and as he touched my thighs I felt my sex juice flowing, his fingers found their goal and he slipped one then two fingers into my hot wet pussy my hands were on his trousers feeling his growing cock, I fumbled for his fly and pulled the zipper down the button was soon undone and his cock stood stiffening between us he kept thrusting his fingers into my pussy, I wanted more and soon his other hand managed to release the straps of my dress and my boobs were free, I was standing there with my dress around my waist, he squeezed my left nipple between his thumb and finger and spoke some Italian which I didn't understand but I got the jist of what he was saying that he wanted to fuck me and boy did I want fucked oh god I wanted fucked'¦ hard. I had his cock in my hand as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head down to his crotch his cock looked huge as I took it into my mouth I could feel it swelling and getting harder with every thrust, I pulled clear and took it in my hand and spat on it to make jucier I wanted it all in my mouth, I took it into my mouth again and it went in till I could get no more I felt it right at the back of my throat as he tried to force it in even further and I started gagging on it he pulled back a bit and then shoved in again and again. I was enjoying this but what I really wanted was to feel his cock inside my juicy pussy I forced him back and looked at him and said 'fuck me' he pulled me up and started feeling my breasts and was soon sucking my nipples I had his cock in my hands and pulled it to keep it rock hard then without saying anything he turned me round and bent me over in front of the tiny sink oh god I couldn't wait I wanted his cock so much I parted my legs, his hand groped my pussy and opened it as he slid his whole length in to my quivering sex he started with a slow rhythmic thrust and I could see him in the mirror his hands took hold of my swinging boobs and squeezed them, his thrusts where getting faster and as I looked at him in the mirror I said 'fuck me harder' he grabbed my hair and pushed my face roughly against the mirror he held me like that while he banged his cock deep into me I could feel his tension rising I knew it wouldn't be long until he was shooting his full load of spunk into me.

Meanwhile outside the band was packing up and N was waiting not sure what I was up to but when he saw me coming out with the gondolier following he smiled and I knew he knew I had been very naughty I went over to the bassist and the other members of the band and thanked them for a wonderful evening and they said it was their pleasure and the bassist pulled me close to him and kissed me on both cheeks and felt my bum and at the same time whispering something in Italian in my ear that I didn't quite understand but got the meaning of. However I had had my fun and I was dying to get back to N to tell him everything and I knew he would want to fuck me all night as soon as we got back to the hotel.