Written by roy16

9 Sep 2013

Ho all,

At a recent night out in our local pub, where a large crowd was in attendance at a GAA event. All the usual were in attendance as well as some new face from around the area. one of which was a couple which have moved into the locality a few years ago. We now them from there kids being at school with ours and have spoken briefly in pasing but had never been in their company socially before. They are both mid thirties and good looking as well as being quite well off due to his business interests. I always seen them as being a well to do respectible couple but got a eye opener when they got a few drinks in, Especially her. Soon we were having a good laugh and the talk got more raunchy as we went and she was clearly not shy. As the place was crowded and we were not in full view despite my wife being by my side she grabbed my hand and placed it on her tits. We all laugh it off and continued with our night. A bit later I noticed he was getting close to my wife and whispering in her ear quite a bit. She didn't seem to mind so I took his wife out to dance. We got it on on the floor where we had fun rubbing up against each other and she was putting her leg in between mine. She whispered to me 'you're enjoying that aren't you'. I replied 'I am'. She look into my eyes and said 'I know i can feel it', Meaning my cock as she was close enough to know it was hard. We went back to the bar and my wife and him had disappeared. I continued to drink for a while when my naughty neighbour invited me to her house which was only a short walk up the road. I declined saying ' My wife will be looking for me' She replied 'shes already there with James'. So we proceeded to walk to her house and I must admit we snogged heavily before we got there.My wife had a few to many and came over to me as soon as I arrived and snogged me thinking I'd be annoyed she had left. Here top was a bit ruffled looking but she hadn'e been any further just yet. I kissed her and dais it fine. By now both the naughty nieghbour has gone up stairs and returned in slik dressing gowns. I thought this was odd but said nothing and they went to get us drinks. As soon as they returned he asked my wife to come and sit with him and his wife came right over and sat on my knee. Her dressing gown spread open showing her very sexy legs as she sipped her drink. I looked over and my wife was already snoggin him and had her hand inside his dressing gown so I proceed to do the same. She whispered to me to go up stairs and we did leaving the othe 2 in the living room. To my surprise when I got to open her dressing gown she was naked underneath. Th caressed her fit body and got down to kissing her neck and lowering down her body. She fell back onto the bed and I went straining into lick her extremely wet fanny. I really like to do thi to my wife and she was clearly enjoying it as I made her cum very quickly. As she lay their I climbed onto her and slowly entered into her and girated on her for a while. As I was quite drunk it took me a while to cum but by the time I did she was well and truly Fucked.

She lay there and I got up and went to the bathroom. We on the landing I could hear the groans from the living room so I went down to have a look. I tip toed up to the door which was open. The light were dimmed but he had my wife doggy style on the sofa and giving her loads from behind. She was enjoying it by the sounds of her I continued to watch. Soon she came and turned to see me watch. This didn't stop her as now knowing I was watching she turn to his large cock deep in her mouth. She slowly took it in and out for a while which he was clearly enjoying until he came in her. As soon as he did this she got up and walked over to me and grabbed me. She snogged be hard and slipped her tongue into my mouth and shared his cum with me. I touched her still wet fanny and fingerewd her until she wanted more. He was still watching at this point. She was on fir and asked James to join us. She put me lying on the floor and got on top. I slipped into her and she invited to james to come from behind. I let him do the work and just lay there with my cock in a very hot fanny and his cock rubbing on mine. This was an extremely horny experience and we both came in her. We spent the night on their sofa and I can't wait until our next night out with them occurs.

My school runs when I meet her in the mornings will never be the same.