Written by Spindoctor

17 Oct 2017

Just to fill those who may be interested in the follow up from my last:

Friday came and went no contact from Jan re my blowjob promise, i hadn't really seen her this week although the odd bit of sexting had occurred. I was busying myself at home on Saturday when my mobile went, hi its Jan sorry i never got back to you but hubbies Mum appeared unannounced and i had to look after her, she's a pain in the butt but the children adore her, and the good news is she has taken the kids to hers until tomorrow night so I was wondering do you fancy going somewhere quiet for a drink.

Well screaming horses wouldn't have kept me away, so we made arrangements to meet at the railway station and catch one to Newry as very little chance we would be known. Boarding the train was strange pretending we didn't know each other but safely on board we sat opposite each other and chatted. We decided we would go for a meal and a drink and chose the Canal Court Hotel, over dinner she played footsie with me and i just had to ask her "why on earth are you here with me, your so fucking attractive you could pull anyone if you wanted, so why me? Im curious your quiet and polite and i felt you through your trousers at the party and want to see what the package is like when exposed lol she laughed.

We continued to chat about everything and anything whilst drinking wine and a few cocktails. After an hour her mobile rang it was the hubby enquiring why she never answered the home tel no, so she explained about his Mum taking kids and how she had decided to go for a drink with her friend Angela in town but was now making arrangements for Angela's husband to pick them up to go home.

I skipped off to the toilets whilst she was on phone whilst there i bought a tooth brush thing from the slots plus a pkt of 3 and after chewing this stupid brush thing to try freshen breath rejoined her. All ok I enquire, fine she replied he sounds pissed as usual tells me he just has a beer in his digs at weekends but its strange the noise in background resembles music playing.

I can tell she is not to happy with her situation but feel its not my place to ask.

After a couple of more drinks it was time to catch coach home (can you believe this country no late trains) she didn't want to take a room at the hotel in case he phoned the house again later and on the journey home we acted like a couple of teenage kissing and groping as the bus speed along, the coach doesn't go near or village so we have to go to the closest major town and get a taxi. As the coach pulls in I tell her ill walk ahead to taxi office and she should follow after a few minutes and well pretend we just meet and agree to share cab home.

After about 10mins the taxi office door opens and in she comes followed by another villager who bumped into her on the approach, i act all surprised and invite both to share my cab as all going same way (inwardly cursing my bad luck). The taxi arrives i get in front and Jan and the other woman get in the back. On the road home they talk about kids, tv programmes and how we all need to have another party soon, me agreeing through gritted teeth lol I ask the driver to stop in our village centrally and we all get out, i make my excuses and say goodnight as they are both in conversation.

Kicking a chip bag up the road I'm quietly seething as i enter my place. I go to the fridge and open a beer and pour a large vodka n coke. My mobile goes ping as a text arrives after 10 mins, "back door unlocked give me 10 mins and come up stairs", RESULT.

I take my time over drinks it must be 15 since text, i quickly gargle some listermint and creep out into the night keeping to the shadows until i reach they're house, a quick glance around, then nip into garden and around the back. I open the door and quickly close behind me i make my way through kitchen to hall were a scented candle burns beside telephone on hall table. I slowly climb stairs and reach the top, i take a deep breath and enter her bedroom.

I was dumbstruck she was lying on the bed in black stocking, suspenders, panties and a black peekaboo bra, instantly i could feel a stirring in my loins. Well do you like it, i can't speak my mouth is dry, i nod furiously as she pats the bed beside her, indicating i should join her.

Any rhyme or reason for me being there along with guilt went straight out the window as i kissed her lips like a schoolboy grabbing at her breasts in my excitement if she had touched my cock at this stage i would have blown, so pent up was i. She pushed me back and slowly unbuttoned my shirt her nails raking over my chest lingering at my nipples, as she pushed her hand further down to my waistband I inwardly cursed the weight i had put on particularly the beer belly but push on she did until she felt my old man straining to get out.

She fumbled with the button and we laughed (me in embarrassment) as i ended up unbuttoning and pushing my trousers down to my ankles trying to kick them off. She cupped my cock and took a long look at it before kissing her way down to my ball sack were she sucked so hard i thought she had swallowed one of them. She pulled my foreskin back and sucked and licked like a 2 bob whore, a sucking expert i had to tell her to slow as i was about to explode but she carried on regardless.

As she dug her nails into my butt cheeks i unloaded into her mouth, as i arched my back in ecstasy she continued to suck and scratch for an entirety. I don't know if i dropped off or passed out but i was away when stirred into action i made my way slowly down from her neck kissing caressing her fantastic tits biting on her nipples which were rigid, i licked at her bellybutton whilst gathering up her legs with my arms.

When i reached her shaven pussy it was little wet, i probed with my tongue and nibbled on her clit, now i have always been in favour of giving a Lady an oral orgasm if possible, as i love the taste of pussy so after a good length of time i felt her shudder then let out a strange giggling as she gripped the back of my head pushing it against her. I decided to push 1 finger followed by another into her ass and she began to rock and thrust against face and hand, she was soaking wet now as i continued to finger her ass, i dipped my thumb against her clit and rubbed furiously.

We continued rubbing, licking, finger fucking both her holes and fucked in various positions before i blew again this time with less fluid but more sensation. I lay there basking in glory when i realised i needed not to fall asleep but get up, go home before it got light. She tried to pull me back down but my fear of discovery made me get up and dress. i kissed her once on the lips then forehead and left decending the stairs on air. I quickly made my way home and stripped and climbed into bed i could smell her on me, on my fingers, on my lips, but i wasn't in any hurry to wash her off, then slept.

i woke late but content, my old man and pubes was covered in hardened spunk (never used pk of 3) and other bodily fluids, so I tore myself off to the shower and took my time over it, going over in my mind the previous night/mornings exploits. I decided not to waste my semi and with some shower gel imagined Jans hot body once again as i tugged furiously to orgasm.

Later that day i saw her pass by with the dog in those tight ski pants and lusted after another fuck. We've texted but never mentioned what happened other than a repeat was in order after her hubbies next weekend home. I only have to think of her or see her with dog to get a semi such was the impact.

Ill let you know should we get it on again.