9 Oct 2017

Hi folks my casual encounters with members of the opposite sex are becoming a rarity. I moved to the village i live in 5 years ago and get on with those i come into contact with. When i sit in my lounge i can see the world pass and in particular the dog walkers as i have a tree on lawn which the blighters piss on. A number of the village Ladies perform the dog walking duties so its nice to check them outs they pass. One in particular takes my attention as i was in her company one night at a house party, she was with her hubby who was a son of the village and a school friend of the host. The drinks were flowing and everyone was having a good time chatting and dancing. I got into a conversation with her hubby over drinks and as well as shared interests such as Music and Football discovered that we have both worked in Germany. He is currently working on a contract for an American company based here but the contract is in Stuggart which he travels to for a month at a time returning home for a long weekend at the end of each month. He says he loves his job and the life of a singleton whilst in Germany. So having been in the same position there were plenty of nudge nudge wink wink between us over that subject. Jan who I will call the wife rejoined us as she returned from a cigarette and asked what we were laughing about, he muttered a stupid joke and she said Martin your joke are shit and laughed. I wondered into the kitchen to find another beer and had a few casual conversations with other guests mostly villagers whilst there a little while later I had an another encounter with Jan as i came of of the upstairs bathroom. Hey boy she says to me in that Belfast brouge despite me being at least 10 years her senior, wheres your wife I've never seen her, i had to tell her i was a sad singleton who was on own and only in attendance as the host insisted i attend. Why you on your own your not a bad looker she said I laughed as i hit a few branches when i fell from the ugly tree, but thanked her for her kind words. She disappeared into the loo and i went back down stairs to rejoin the party. The night was going well like i say they are a friendly lot when sometime later Martin asked me had i seen Jan as the babysitter had rang him as she couldn't contact Jan, i mentioned i thought i seen her head to the stairs leading up (didn't want him getting wrong idea, about knowing she was in toilets) He shuffled off towards steps and i turned my attention to the daughter of another neighbour who had arrived with her boyfriend and 2 female friends who had always smiled and said hi whenever we met in village. Martin returned minus Jan and mentioned to the host and I that he had to return home as one of the children was ill and the babysitter didn't know what to do and ask to Jan to return home when we saw her. As the night was drawing to a close i was getting a little air when from the direction of the bottom of the garden a young guy i had seen a few times around village appeared then quickly disappearing inside as i was about to do the same i heard the distinct sound of heels on garden path as i glanced back i saw Jan but ducked inside before she noticed. I was looking in fridge to gather a beer when she entered kitchen via the back door, Ah Jan i said have you seen Martin problem with babysitter or something says he had to go home to see what was the matter and could you follow. Fuck that she muttered as she rummaged in her bag for her mobile, I opened a beer and she motioned for me to do same for her as she started a conversation on phone, at that the host came in and repeated what i said about Martin but she indicated thats who she was speaking to. Ileant on the kitchen table and passed her the beer and she mouthed a kiss in receipt. She came off phone and said he can deal with son who had a tummy ache as she never gets out as he's away all the time. I made small talk with her as we made our way back to the lounge where there were just 3 -4 couples and the daughter and friends left. The music had been lowered and a few slow songs were being played, Jan says oh i love this one as George (fuffing) Michael came on, come dance with me she said. How do you dance with a slightly inebriated neighbour in front of others to a slow song, she slung her arms around my neck as i tried not to have body contact with her straining to keep groin away to avoid any stirrings lol. She pulled me close laughing and cupped the cheeks of my arse i in turn laughingly move her hands to my hips as shebang mumbled along to the song. When the music stopped i said thank you young lady and walked with her back to our drinks, the others started to dwindle and i felt it was time i done the same and thanked the host and hostess for a great night and said it will be my time next as i left. I was making my way done the front path when Jan says hey wait ill walk down with you. I was worried when she linked arms with me as we headed down street towards or homes. She was less chatty and a little less steady on her feet, she apologised for being tipsy (full) but that she rarely gets out nowadays to enjoy a drink with having the kids. I said no worries as we continued to stroll i was watching for the curtain twitchers worried they'd see and think we were up to something. As we approached my house i suggested i continue and escort her home as I'm sure Martin would be worried and its only a 100 metres or so. She said Martin hell be fuc***g sleeping useless c***, i nervously laughed at her comments. As we drew level with my drive i made a joke about her dog pissing on my tree, she said aw its a lovely tree as she walked towards it. I said be careful it stinks we laughed, as i waited for her to rejoin me she headed up in the other direction and along the side of my house, after a minute or two i followed to see what she was up to and found her squatting having a piss herself (very classy) I was shocked she mumbled an apology and reached into her bag and pulled a pair of panties from it and dried her self before returning pants to bag. Well are you going to invite me in for a drink she says, i replied don't you think you should phone Martin just in case, I will indoors she says. I opened the back door to my home and we entered the kitchen where i put light on I reached into fridge and pulled out 2 bottles of coors light, before passing over beer I said Martin indicating she should phone. She fished phone out again and hit speed dial on his number there was no answer after a minute or so she hung up. So we went into the lounge and i drew the curtains and switched fire on she planked herself down on sofa and i sat in my usual chair facing her. She was quiet open about how bored she was with her marriage with Martin being away so often and apart from dog walking twice a day the kids when not at school took up all her time. She quizzed me about my own marital situation and asked am i ever lonely, which i scoffed at as i didn't want to admit it affects us all. she asked to use my loo and i told her which way to go, i went to get 2 more beers from kitchen and put tv onto the music channel whilst she was gone. After an entirety i went to see if she was ok to discover her snoring on top of the bed in my spare room, fuck i didn't need this so went over and shook her gently saying her name Jan, Jan wake up she let out a moan Jan come on you can't sleep here you need to go home come on Jan you need to get up, as she turned over her little dress rode up sufficiently for me to see her pert butt and as i shook her shoulders a little harder she rolled over and her shaved pussy was on display. As tempting as it was I'm no rapist so persisted until she got the message and got up. I said she should go straighten up in bathroom and go home and sleep. I waited downstairs when she joined me said sorry cried a little and toddled towards door, i asked did she want me to walk with her, she turned kissed me full on lips gave my old man a squeeze and said she would be fine. I watched as she walked down path and away before locking the door. I lay on in bed the next day my normal Sunday routine, but having woken with morning wood my thoughts went back to the previous nights exploits and Jan shaven pussy, it didn't take long to get off. On the Monday i got in from work and stuck my ready meal into the oven whilst i went and showered, returning to kitchen in my robe i retrieved meal from often and coupled it with coffee brought through to living room on tray and switched on telly. Usual shit on news Brexit, in fighting at Stormont and shit weather forecasts when i heard a knock at my back door, puzzled i put tray down and move in that direction, i could her a dog bark and through the frosted glass i could see what appeared to be the outline of a woman. I opened the door and there stood Jan with her dog on the lead, i excused my dress and asked if she wanted to come in, she tied lead to wash pole and entered leaving yapping dog, she apologised about Sat Night, Martin had given her a hard time about her antics at party on the drive to airport and that she should make her apologises to all. I told her that, that was quiet unnecessary as we all deserve to let our her down from time to time and laughed. she said all day Sunday the kids played up she had went to church with a hangover from hell and had been suffering flashbacks, thats why she wanted to say sorry. Once again i said no worries and offered her a coffee, she declined as she had to walk dog before picking kids up from church youth group, as she was about to leave she said to me, can i ask you a question i said of course, do you know how my panties ended up in my bag a little wet. I said i did and if she had 5 mins i would fill her blanks in, she said she couldn't but took my mobile number and said she would call when kids were in bed. I spent the night watching crap tv and just before 10pm i decided i would go to bed after the news about 1015 my phone went, it was Jan hi sorry she said kids played up as usual and now she had time to have a glass of wine and put feet up, so what are you going to tell me I'm embarrassed she says. Well i recounted what had happened leaving the pantie thing to last, when i said she took them out her bag to wipe herself after weeing on my path she went quiet and then said i took them out my bag not off i said yes. She skipped subject and said she was mortified at her behaviour and that Martin would go ape if he knew, i said all your secrets are safe with me. W e chatted further and got a little flirty as i recounted her complaints of being lonely, I laughed as i mentioned her crashing in my spare room and confessed she afforded me a good look at her butt, she said oh no is that all i said yes (knowing not) I mentioned that discretion was my middle name and that the fact i had seen her earlier on the Sat Night tottering up path after the young guy caused her to hang up. I was in bed an hour later when the mobile went on my bedside table as i answered Jan blurted out that she had been having the flash backs and vaguely remembered sucking some guys cock and him being unable to get hard so finger fucked her and licked her pussy out, but wasn't sure who and thought it was the drink reminding her of earlier days. It could tell that she had most likely have drunk the bottle she had opened as she became more risky in her chat and asked was i playing with myself I said no but if she carried on i would have no option. We started talking filth which ended in us both having phone sex to orgasm, she promised me a blow job later this week if she can get kids down possibly Fri as she lets them stay up as no school next day and they'll sleep through. i watched her pass with dog in those tight ski pants and we text filth to each other daily. Cant wait till Friday to see if she will carry out promise.