Written by HornRod

15 Jun 2013

I came home from work late last week and heard Mandy moaning in the sitting room. Making my way quietly I peeped inside and saw her lying naked spread-eagled on the floor. There was a skin flick playing on the telly. Mandy had her two hands buried deep between her legs rubbing furiously on her slippery pussy. I knew that Mandy loves to linger as she plays with herself, so I settled where I was taking in the scene.

I looked closer and saw that she had three fingers buried up her pussy. She was shoving them up and far as she could. Each time she slipped them out, I saw her cum juices slip down between the cheeks of her arse. She took her other hand, started massaging her big boobs, and tweak her pert rock hard nipples. All the time she was moaning as wave after wave of orgasms flowed through her body. While I watched, she came up to six times. Each orgasm rocked her until the final climax shook her so much that she literally raised her buttock off the floor by about two foot.

As she lay there recovering, I noticed that my cock had gotten hard and there was a small damp patch beginning to spread on the crotch area of my trousers. I was breathing quickly and feeling really horny.

Stepping into the room, Mandy turned slowly and looked up at me saying ‘Did you enjoy that. I knew you would be in at about this time, so I decided to put on a show for you.’

Did I fucking enjoy it, I said. It really got me hot. So fucking hot that my cock is hurting, straining to be unleashed from my trousers, I said.

She snaked her way up my legs and began muzzling her face into the crotch of my rousers. Jesus, my cock was so hard, it felt great each time her face rubbed against it.

Mandy slowly moved her hands up to the zipper of my trousers and sent me wild when she pulled the zipper down very slowly bit-by-bit. When she had it down the full way, she put her hand inside and cupped my rigid rod in her hand and began teasing me as she moved it up and down the shaft, before slowly guiding it out the zipper.

I was standing there, my cock bulging against my shorts, standing rigid out the front of my trousers, as Mandy lowered her head and started to nibble along my rod.

I could not take anymore. I disengaged from Mandy and took all my cloths off. I was standing naked. My 7-inch cock was straining standing proud, with pre-cum glistening from its eye. I was panting like an animal in heat wanting to fuck Mandy so hard to make her scream in ecstasy.

Mandy grabbed my cock in her right hand and began wanking it, while with her left hand probed my arse until she found my hole and slipped in her middle finger until she found me G-spot and began tickling that.

Pre-cum was by now trickling non-stop from the tip of my flute. Mandy had also cupped my balls with her left hand, moving them from side to side while at the same time driving my G-spot wild.

My ball sack began to tighten. Mandy knew the signs. She stopped wanking me and instead began flicking the top of my rod with her tongue. I looked down and saw the pre-cum stick to her tongue every time she drew her tongue over the eye of my tool.

By now, Mandy had recovered from her earlier orgasms and was now telling me she wanted to feel my red-hot cock up her cunt.

She lay back and very slowly spread her legs. I could see her crack divide and part between her legs while her pubic hair glisten with her cum.

I knelt and positioned my self between her legs. I drove my raging hot 7 inch member deep into her in one violent thrust. I left it there for a few second until Mandy began gestating under me. It was so slippery that it took me all my time to leave it in place, just savouring the mixture of her cum and my pre-cum.

I slowly began moving my cock in her. I slipped out of her slowly. Then slowly back in again. I kept this slow rhythm going for a while until my animal instincts took over and I began driving it in like a ramrod at a quick steady pace.

Mandy had reached orgasm by now and was moaning as I felt the inside of her pussy pulsate and somehow translate that pulse into my cock. I had lost all control by now. I felt my balls slip back up into my stomach and new that there was no holding back now.

I began pumping my throbbing cock in and out until my back arched, my body stiffened and I sent stream after stream of spunk deep into Mandy’s love hole as I ripped into her. My orgasms throbbed through my body and every muscle centred on my cock as I drove it deeper and harder into Mandy’s cunt.

When I was spent, I felt my rigid cock soften and fall from her cunt. As it did so, a huge flow of my seed seeped from her, until there was a puddle left on the floor between the cheeks of her arse.

I rolled over and kicked Mandy’s nipples.

Laying there exhausted Mandy said that she really enjoyed me lose control and the next time I come home late that she’d have another surprise waiting for me.