Written by The-virgins

28 Apr 2013

Last night as my wife and I sat down with a few drinks in us to put on a dirty DVD we sort of got carried away with ourselves. We had a few drinks in us so the curtains were left open and the lights left on. Just in case anyone was passing!!! She got up on the sitting room table and gave me the best lapdance ever. I got very carried away and started to undress watching her strip down to her sexy crotchless thong feeling and rubbing herself all over. She noticed how hard I was gone and got off the table taking me in her mouth. I told her how good she was at blow jobs lately. After a while she told me she had a confession to make. I thought she was going to say how horny she was ;but no. She told me that for the few weeks she was entertaining another man when I was gone to work. I nearly blew my load right there. I told her to ring him right now. She took my cock out of her mouth an smiled. Picked up her phone and dialled. A lad answered. Hiya sexy. Do you want me? She said my husband knows about us. Silence. Then she said he wants you up here now to lick and fuck me. I couldn't believe me ears. My nice sexy quiet wife talking like this to someone I didn't know. Then she hung up and took me in her mouth again. After a bit she told me to fuck her. I said no. Your lover can do that when he comes over. She was dripping and mad for it. About ten minutes later a car pulled into the drive and a lad I know from our local walks into our sitting room. We were both naked and she walked over to him kissed, stripped him and ordered him to fuck her senseless. He smiled and said the usual so? She got back on her knees sucking me and he came up behind her and gave her all he had to give. And it was a lot. She shouted harder, harder you wimp. The poor lad was only mid 20's but he put on a damn good show. She kept trying to suck me while he fucked her from behind but her screams wouldn't let her. After maybe half hour of constant screwing he eventually blew his load right up into her dripping wet pussy. My turn now. We swapped places and as I entered her to give her another load I was watching them. Playing with each other. She was rubbing his balls and he was squeezing her 34dds and kissing her hard erect nipples. I couldn't hold it and I gave her the second load of the night. She loved it. As we shared a naked drink after we came to the conclusion that we should play more often. He headed off home with a great big smile on his face after screwing the best looking woman in the area and we spent the rest of the night fucking and re living every minute of our first 3 some.