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My wife's massage

"A very teasing massage"

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My wife's massage

We are childhood sweethearts so to speak. We started dating in our teens, in our mid 30s now. For most of our relationship my biggest fantasy was to watch her getting seduced by another man. Unfortunately she was not interested at all. Recently however, many years and two kids later, she's been keeping healthy with gym classes. Sometimes her body would be sore after, and I suggested she gets a massage. When chatting she said she prefer a male therapist for firmer pressure (my mind was racing)

So, it was on. I just needed to find the right masseur for the job of seducing my wife through massage. After hours of searching and vetting, I found lovely masseur within driving distance so we set a date.

Massage night.

Our masseur arrived and set up his tablet in the living room beside the fire. I waited in the next room leaving the door slightly open, so I could watch everything. My loyal and faithful wife didn't want to be nude with another man, so she left her panties on. That didn't matter in the end as our masseur gave her a fantastic massage. He teased her so much during the glutes and breast massage, that when he arrived at her inner thighs, she had completely forgotten about who was touching her. I watched in amazement and totally aroused, as he teased his way into her panties, and fingered my faithful wife until she couldn't stop the incoming orgasm. She came hard on his magic hands and fingers. The most erotic experience of my life. I can't wait for massage no. 2

Written by TheTrojanHorse

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