Written by Paddy

7 May 2012

My girlfriend the air hostess

Here's my first entry I want to share with you, it's basically about my girlfriend and me. 

I'm 25 & my girlfriend is 24 & we've been together since we were at school together..I work in an office and my wife is a 5 foot 6 dark haired stunner who works as an air hostess for one of the bigger airlines & yes you guessed it, I love shagging her in the uniform especially just before she goes to work so she will be horny all day..i think she likes the uniform for sex as much as me cos she will even put it on for a shag when she's not working come to think of it she is the same about her school uniform which she puts on from time to time as a treat for me  & it still gets me going every time . 

This story starts while on a weekend away to the canaries last year, we spent the day at the beach sun bathing & having a few drinks so were well up for a shag by the time we got back to our apartment, even in the lift going up we were all over each other groping,as soon as we got in the door she said shut up & fuck me, so I threw her up on the kitchen counter & started shifting the face off her while she grabbed my cock out of my shorts & started wanking me off, I pulled down her bikini top and popped her tits out & started sucking them, then I dropped my hand down & hitched her skirt up put my hand into her nickers, she was as wet as a sponge so I started fingering her followed by fisting & then I went down on her & she tasted so good as  I licked her out & played with her clit, I stayed at it till I could feel her trembling & moaning & orgasoming, then she said fuck me & you can do what ever you Want to me after making me cum like that!!!! So I turned her around & lubed my cock and rammed it up her arse to which she left out a scream which drove me crazy as I could see our reflection in the mirror I could see she was loving it so I told her go on do yourself while I'm at it ,, she was playing with herself while I was riding her like a horse with her tits bobbing up and down as the sweat was dripping off of both of us, we're both moaning & screaming, we both came again together and I could see the cum dripping out of her arse and pussy it was so sexy,, the smell of sex was in the room & it was great,,the next thing we knew  was that the manager of the apartment block was standing in our room as we were lying on the sofa half naked & fucked,, he said he got a complaint from some older guests who could see the whole thing from the pool as could everyone else out there and he said with a cheeky grin that you are a lucky man to have a girl like that with you...the fact that everyone else could see us outside was a bonus. We loved it..If u want more leave a comment!!!!