Written by tonymanning

5 Jul 2010

We arrived at the nightclub and I had left my cash back in our hotel. We had just ordered drinks and the barman was understanding. My wife would stay at the bar and have a few drinks and I would get a cab back to the hotel. This was our plan. I left my wife but as I got to the door I checked my back pocket and my money was there. I decided to take advantage and have a look around the club for a few minutes. I enjoyed the time to look around without trying to hide it. After about ten minutes I thought id better go back but I knew I was not expected back for at least 40 minutes. This was the time it would take to get and taxi get up the stairs grab my cash get a taxi back and get back inside. I was walking towards the spot we had been sitting and could see the drink off to the left of the bar. My wife was dancing and laughing but I noticed there was a guy behind her grinding her. He was pushed up as close as he could and had a stiffy he was positioning between her clothed ass cheeks and grinding hard. he reached around holding his hand low on her stomach and I could see she was getting hot and bothered because I know all the signs. I was stuned becuase she was not that out going normally. I went up one flight of stairs to a balcony and ordered a drink and came back to watch I was not angry i was really turned on. I watched this go on and she turned into him and he kissed her. she pulled away and looked around and then kissed him back i was shocked. they moved to a more private place off the dance floor and i followed to get a view. I could not believe this she was passionatley snogging a guy much younger his hands were all over her and then he slid a hand between her thighs and that was it. whe was wearing a black vest and he popped one of her tits out and began to suck on it. she was in heaven and so was I. I watched put her unzip his jeans and put a hand in. she tugged for about 30 seconds and took her sticky hand out. She was then transported back to reality and started to look around. She did not see me. she went to the ladies room and the cleaned up then came out and sat at the bar again. I waited for a long time but the guys never came back. I walked back in and kissed her on the lips for ages i was so turned on. She told me she needed air and asked could we go somewhere else so we did. I paid and we left and I was so turned on thats when I knew I had a different fantasy.