Written by joandann

20 Dec 2009

T continue my story about my wife and the farmer. when i went back to work, the farmer was gone to the pub again, i found out a little later thst he was the son of the owner of the farm, he didn't give a fuck about farming, all he wanted to do was drink and fuck women, i worked away for most of the day, draining the land, he arrived back about 4 o clock, he was well pissed, he walked down the field to me, or should i say, he staggered down the field, when he approached me i turned off my machine and got out to speak to him, normall i would just open the door and talk to someone, but i was afraid he might do himself an jnjury if i didn't keep him away from the machine.He asked me if my wife could come and do another bit of house work for him the following morning, i said 'there should be no problem, i had to think quick, "she'll have to come on her own in the morning i said, i have to go to town early, and i wont be here until ten o clock, "that's ok he said, he walked away and i finished up my days work, i went home and told the wife she was wanted in the farmers house again in the morning, we had our dinner and went to bed for a fuck, we fucked each other to exhaustion planning for the morning, what we didn't know at the time, was that the farmer was also planning his day, we got up and watched a bit of T V and went back to bed for another fuck, the next morning my wife got out her car and we drove to within quarter of a mile of the farmers house, my wife dropped me off at the same laneway i had parked my car the previous day, when she drove away i started to walk up through the field, i heard the door of my wifes car closing and i could hear voices, i got to the window of the house and peeped in, my wife had her skirt up around her waist and she was again bent over the back of the chair, he was standing behind her rubbing his huge cock between the cheeks of her arse, myself and my wife had planned for her to open the window a fraction so i could hear what they were saying, when the farmer started to put his cock up her i knew she was wet, she said, 'oh fuck, that feels beautiful, he started pounding his cock up her so hard i could hear his balls slapping off her arse, he fucked her really hard and said he was coming, i thought it was going to be like yesterday, but i was wrong, as he was shooting spunk up her he said, "I have a friend who has a bigger cock than me, and i told him about you, he said he would like to fuck you, my wife said, "i'd love to get fucked by both of you, that's no problem said the farmer, he's in the next room watching us, i ducked down thinking his friend might have seen me at the window, but i knew he hadn't when i heard the farmer saying, "is it alright if he comes out, "yes said my wife, the farmer called his friend Tony out, when i saw Tony i realised i knew him, and so did my wife, but it was too late for embarrassment, my wife's cunt was sticking up in the air for him to see, and he had what i can only describe as a 'baseball bat sticking out of his jeans, when my wife saw it she nearly fainted, the farmer pulled out of my wife and moved aside, Tony went behind her and rubbed his cock off her arse, she was going to get up off the chair but didn't get a chancem Tony shoved his massive cock up her cunt and lifted her off the floor, as he rammed it up her she started screaming that he was going to drive it out her throat, "you can have it in you're throat in a minute said Tony, he fucked her so hard he was pushing the chair across the floor, the farmer went around the front of the chair and kneeled on it, he put his cock into my wifes mouth and held her head, when i saw his cock disappearing down her throat i thought he was going to choke her, but the horny cunt started sucking it, Tony fucked a load of spunk up her, and the farmer spunked down her throat, the two men swapped places and she 'tried to suck all of Tony's cock, the two men spunked her again, Tony said he had wanyed to fuck her for ages, he went around the back of her again and fucked her cunt, i watched as the two men fucked her until i could see the spunk running down her legs, the farmer had enough fucking done and he went out of the room, Tony kept fucking her and spunked her again, he asked her if she could get away from me for an hour ir two some night, and they would go out to a spot he knew where a bit of dogging went on, she said she would let him know, he lifted her off the ground again as he spunked her, when he pulled his cock out of her she went on her knees and sucked his cock clean, he put his 'Baseball bat away and said he had to go, my wife called the farmer and said she had to leave before i got there, he asked her how much he owed her, she said he could pay me and i would give it to her, i left and walked down the field, my wife collected me and we went home and had a beautiful fuck talking about the two big cocks that had fucked her, we agreed we would have to find a way that i could watch her getting fucked in the dogging place, ill let you know what we have planned,