Written by joandann

2 Dec 2009

As a JCB driver, i was asked to go to a local farmer to dig out some channels across his field for drainage, there was approximately two weeks work there, the first morning i went there at eight o clock, when i eventually got the farmer out of bed, I saw he was only about 28yrs old, he invited me in for a cup of tea and told me it was a bit early for him to be getting up, he had been on the beer the night before and wasn't feeling too good,he asked me if i could cancel the day as he wanted to go for a pint to try to cure his sick head,it didn't matter to me, because we had made a price for the job, i drove my JCB onto his land saying i could work away without him, he said he would prefer if he was there when i was working, i agreed to postpone my work until the next morning, then the farmer asked me if i would give him a lift to the pub as he had left his car there the night before because he was over the limit to drive, when i had him outside the door of the pub he asked me if i woukd like a drink, i refused saying i would call to the farm at eight the next morning, As luck woukd have it, my car would't start the next morning so i was late getting to him, my wife had to drive me in her car, when we got to his house he was up and out at the gate waiting for me, when he saw my wife, who was wearing a short skirt and a tight top, he asked me who she was, when i told him it was my wife he said, 'would she do a bit of house cleaning for me, i'd pay her well,i told him to ask her himself, when he walked to the car to speak to my wife i went in and started my machine, he came in and said my wife wanted me, when i went back out my wife said, 'i think he want's more than his house cleaned, he nearly stripped me with his eyes, my wife is thirty four, she has nice legs and a lovely figure,her tits didn't need a bra to hold them up, they were medium sized, and the nipples stuck out through her top, i asked her if she was going to do the house for him, 'if he keeps that big bulge in his jeans said my wife, i might give him a special treat, tell him you'll come with me in the morning i said, she left and i got on with my days work, i told him i'd be there at nine in the morning and i'd have my wife with me, the next morning when i saw the way my wife was dressed i knew she was going to get our farmer friend horny, she was wearing a skirt that was more like a belt, and she picked out the tightest top she could find,i could see the nipples sticking out of the top, we arrived at the farmers house and he was again waiting at the gate for us, he led my wife into the house and showed her what he wanted done, i went and started my machine, what the farmer didn't know, was myself and my wife had planned how we were going to get him to fuck her, we had spent most of the night fucking and planning, after five minutes of my machine running i turned it off, i went to the house and told him there was a blockage in a filter and i had to go home to get a new one, i told him i might have one at home, if not i'd have to drive to town, i left and drove a quarter of a mile down the road and parked my car in a laneway, i walked back up the road and went into his field, i approached the back of his house without being seen, i crept under one window and peeped in, nobody there, so o crept to the next window, nobody there either, when i got to the third window i peeped in and saw him sitting on an armchair, my wife was standing in front of a big open fire, she even had me fooled, when i saw her bending down to clean out the fireplace, i saw she had no knickers on, if he didnt see her cunt then he must have been blind, she worked away without blinking an eye, my wife had her back turned to the farmer and didn't see him opening his fly, when i saw what he took out of his jeans i nearly fell backwards, it looked a good ten inches, my wife got up off her knees and he put it away, she walked behind him and when she was out of his view she lifted her skirt and rubbed her cunt, i couldn't hear what they were saying, but i could see him getting up from the armchair and walking round the back of it to her, when he was beside her he took his cock out again,it looked even bigger this time, he bent my wife over the back of the armchair and lifted her skirt, he opened his jeans and put his cock between the cheeks of her arse, he moved it in and out slowly for a few minutes, then he spread her legs and bent down a bit, i knew he was lining his cock up to her fuck hole, he pushed her top all the way up her back and i saw her tits hanging out over the armchair, i saw him start to push into her, and i saw her back arching as she took his massive cock up her, he started fucking her and she backed into him, then he started pounding it up her so hard he was lifting her feet off the floor, at one stage he had her feet completely off the ground and was banging hic cock up her, i heard her starting to come, when my wife comes she really screams, he started to shoot his load up her and i saw her pushing her cunt back to him to get as much cock up her as she could, when he had spunked up her i thought he was finished, but he wasn't, he pulled out of her and brought her round o the front of the armchair, he sat down and told her to sit on his cock, she went wild when she sat on it, i thought she was going to crush his balls the way she was bouncing up and down so hard,he shot another load up her and i thought he was finished this time, but he wanted more, he laid her down on the floor and mounted her, when he had fucked her, he put her up on her hands and knees and fucked her from behind, when i saw him pulling out of her i walked away down the field towards my car, i collected it and drove back up to the farmers house, my wife and the farmer were standing at the door, she asked me to run her home as she was finished, when i took her down home we went into the bed, when i went up her cunt she was saturated in spunk, i fucked her three times and then went back to work, the farmer was gone when i got back, so i just carried on with my work, the next day was even better, i will update you soon.