5 Dec 2016

During the summer, my wife and i went to the seaside in Kerry a couple of times, on the first few occasions we had a normal holiday, like any other couple, but then something happened to make our holiday much more attractive and exciting, As we sat outside a bar, a guy came over to my wife and said, Hi Louise, (not her real name), she said hi, and they started talking about the past, i didnt take much notice of them as i was talking to friends, they talked for a while, then he left, when my wife and i talked soon after i asked who he was, she told me "an ex boyfriend, being the inquisitive and horny type, i asked her if he had been up her, she said no, but it wasnt for the want of trying, we didnt discuss it again because someone else came along, but after a few drinks, we decided to have something to eat and head back to our "mobile", The few drinks had made me horny, (and her btw), so we decided to have a fuck. during our session i asked er why she hadn't let the guy fuck her, she said she didnt know, of course the brain started working overtime then, We had a fantastic fuck, and when i knew she was on the edge, i asked her if she'd take him now, "and what about you she asked, how would you feel about it", I told her i wouldn't mind if i could watch, she asked how would we be able to do that, i told her to go back up to the pub that evening, and i would go to one of the other pubs, if he came by, she should talk to him, and tell him i had to go back home, because i had work early the next day, we agreed on this, and also agreed, if her and him were up for it, they were to go back to our Mobile, we had a great fuck again and had a little nap, then we went to our pubs, she went to one pub, and i went to another, we had made the plan, that if he came in she would send a simple Txt saying, "he's here", to be honest, it got to the stage when i was about to give up on the idea, having drank four pints, when i got the message, "he's here", i sent a Txt back saying "how long for the Mobile", back came the reply, "right fucking now, V V V wet", one more Txt from me said it all, "ok, fuck him on the floor in the front of the Mobile, ill be in the bedroom listening", last word from her was, "ok", I finished my pint, and left "my pub", headed for the mobile and when i got there i went in to the first small bedroom, which was nearest to where they would be fucking, i cant remember how long i waited, but it seemed like a week, then i heard them coming in, i assumed they had been kissing on the way down, because i heard him say, "you taste lovely "Louise", but i was to find out later, it was a bit more than kissing that made her taste lovely, i listened, and knew they were getting down to it when he said, "my god, you have beautiful tits, the last word i heard before they started fucking was her saying, "and you have a beautiful cock", the Mobile rattled, and they moaned, she told him to fuck her harder, and he told her to open her legs wide, i didnt know how many time he gave it to her, but i had 4 wanks, they fucked like rabbits, i did hear her saying twice that she was cuming, it was so horny i wanted to look out, but i knew the door would make noise if i did, so i couldnt get a look, when they were finished, she told him he'd have to go, because her sister-in-law would be coming down after the pub was closed, he left, and i cam out, i wont try to describe what it was like to fuck her wet pussy after him, but i will say, it was out of this world, but that wasnt the end of it, there's more to come, maybe ill tell ye next time.