Written by Anonymous

12 Mar 2009

One thursday,my boss came to me and said that orders were a bit slow,he asked me if i had anything that needed doing at home,he said i could take a half day.I said i had something to do,(i was glad he didn't ask me what it was).I left work at one o clock and headed for home,i decided to call into our local for a quick pint,this pub is only 100 yds from our house,there is a large car park at the rear of it.I went in and had a pint,as there is no smoking in the pub,i decided after about half an hour to go outside for a cigarette.I saw my mates car going down the road and stopping outside my house,i found this a bit unusual as he knew i was at work.I went in and finished my pint and headed for my house, leaving my car in the car park,On arrival at the door i found it to be locked, i walked around to the back of the house and went in the back gate,by now my brain was working overtime, i went to the kitchen window and took a look in,i couldn't see anyone so i went to the other window and what i saw there nearly made me rush in and kick the shit out of the two of them,My wife was laying on the floor with a few of the cushions off the settee under her,my mate? was on top of her pumping his cock up her,she had her legs open and i could see his cock ramming up her.Three different feelings came over me,first i felt,she's really enjoying this,second,its not the first time they have done this,and thirdly i was envious of him because his cock was much bigger than mine.as i was watching he got off her and lay down on the cushions,she mounted him and fucked him like she could'nt get enough of him.they went at it for a long time,they swapped places again and he went up her doggy style,i could see his balls banging off her pussy.he turned her over again and lay on top of her,i could'nt hear what they were saying but i knew by his movements that he was close to shooting his load,he got faster and faster, at this stage it got too much for me so i took out my cock and started to wank myself,anyone reading this will know that in a situation like this it did'nt take me long to shoot my load,just as i was shooting i saw him pull out and shoot a massive load of spunk all over her cunt and belly,to be honest i have never had a come like it before.He got off her and got a towel for her to wipe the spunk off her cunt,at this stage i put away my cock and made a hasty retreat to the pub.I ordered a pint and went out to watch to see if my mate? would pass back up the road,but he went the other way instead.I was so horny i wanted to get straight into her pussy,so i phoned her and told her i was finishing work early and that i was mad horny and was there any chance of a fuck,she said she would be ready for me when i got home,and she was,we fucked on the same cushions they had fucked on,i fucked her the exact way he had fucked her,and she was as eager to take my cock as she was to take his.I told my boss that my wife had to go to see her mother every thursday afternoon for the next couple of weeks and that i needed the afternoon off to drive her,he said there was no problem,i have watched them fuck a few times since then,and their fucking got a lot heavier,and my sex life has jumped 1000 fold.I will get back at a later date and fill you in on my progress,I have to find a way to let her know i am watching them fuck.WISH ME LUCK.