Written by roy16

21 Jan 2013

Hi all,

I want to share a horny experience we've recently had in a night away in Galway. My extremely horny wife which I've been trying to get into swinging for some time had a very horny Christmas as we both picked some new toys to play with and watched some good porn over the holidays. She has become extremely horny and could hardly keep her knickers on even during the day by time we got to new year. We've done things we have never done before and she gave me a full on blow job and I had full anal sex with her. both new experiences and both amazing. We decided that a night away would be good with a view to her flirting with other guys and more if she wanted as we had spoken a lot about her having another cock over the holidays. We booked into a hotel in Galway and made our way there. She packed in some sexy lingerie we had bought and very little else. She did wear a very sexy white lacy top and a figure hugging short black skirt with leather side panels with sexy stockings and very high heels. She looked amazing going out to the restaurant where she agreed to not wearing any knickers. She immediately started flirting with a young waiter who was quite hot actually. This made me very horny. Afterwards we went for a drink in nice bar where we continued to have a good night. She was rubbing my leg and commenting on some good looking guys as she would see them. Then one guy at the bar started looking at her. She whispered this in my ear as my back was to him. She began to tease him by playing with her hair and looking at him provocatively. 'Will I leave you alone and see what happens' I ask her, to which she replies 'yes babe'. I went off to the toilets and when I came back they were both talking. I stayed back for a while and she then came over to the toilets. We've agreed to meet in the night club later she said and he went off. We proceeded to the night club where we started dancing together and she had me hard as hell rubbing up against me. This guy appeared and I asked if he wanted to dance with her so they did. She was all over him, rubbing her legs up and down his, leaning into to him with her 34 dd tits. She was enjoying it whilst looking over at me from time to time. I nearly came just watching her. She then decided she didn't want to go any further with him and came over and snogged me passionately. 'I want to go back to our hotel for a good fuck babe' she said. She was on fire. We proceeded to get a taxi where the driver was a very good looking young polish guy. She instantly whispered to me ' He's hot' We had about a 20 minute drive to our hotel so we had time to play around in the taxi. She started by kissing me and whispering in my ear what she wanted me to do. She asked me to 'open her top a little' which I did. I continued to caress her tits. She said ' take them out' as she shuffled across the seat in line with the rearveiw mirror. I took them out and proceed to kiss them, biting her nipples which brought light groans from her. She whispered in my ear with her hot lips' He watching us. I said ' do you mind' to which she replied 'of course not he's fucking hot'. she pushed my head down onto her tits again and groaned a little loader. Then she shocked me and said to the driver 'Do like the view'. He said in poor English I very sorry Miss' Don't report me to my employer, I need the job'.

She replied ' not at all I want you to watch, if you don't I will report you' and laughed. 'You wanna see some more she asked' and she whispered to me to lift her skirt. I said 'you have no knicker on' to which she replied with a deep breath in my ear 'I know babe, he'll luv that'. She again shuffled herself in the seat, raising her bum to get her tight skirt right up and then moved right down exposing her stockings, suspender belt and freshly trimmed pussy. It was ousing and was extremely hot. I progressively stroked her and she groaned loudly. the Taxi driver nearly went off the road. He said 'I need to pull over, I can't concentrate'. She groaned 'please do I need you'. He pulled into a laybe and she sat up and grabbed him kissing him passionately. She took control and asked me to sit in the front seat and let Pavel as we now knew his name in the back with me. We did and she asked me to lower the front seat recliner. Pavel and her played and she undressed him exposing a very large cock on a nicely toned body. She kissed his chest and lowered down to put his cock in her mouth, she only did this briefly as she really wanted it in her. She was so hot she couldn't wait and turn to lean over me. She ask Pavel to put it inside her. He was very gentle with her which she really likes and slowly slipped his impressive tool inside her all the way in one slow push. She sighed and almost came in one go. She then proceed to gyrate on him which and me cum just watching her. She very soon came also and lowered forward to lick the cum from my cock. Pavel pushed harder and she groaned loudly until he came also. He then amazed me by climbing past her to caress my cock. She looked at me and I at her in disbelief but in the moment of raw passion I let him suck me. He was amazing and made me cum again. we all stopped for a second and I thought WAAOOOHHHHH!! We began to dress and proceeded to our detinstion where upon arrival my wife heavily snogged Pavel again and gave him her own phone number. We went inside where she wanted more and from the thirdfloor she wanted me to fuck her from behing while she up against the window. There a security man across the carpark in a cabin got more than he expected from his vie point. What a night which we hope to repaet in future. She is now willing to swing but only on chance encounter with very hot guys like Pavel.