Written by mrs cpl

18 Nov 2017

ok this was a very long time ago.me and my b/f..my hubby now just dating and after a movie he brought me home as normal

we were very horny as normal we went down a lane way near my home kissing and touching we were both virgins so we had to be careful so just manual orgasams were planed

omg a voice from the darkness ...WHAT ARE YOU DOING.....we froze......a man walked up a lot older than us like 50 we were so scared.im going to tell on you he said ...please dont i pleaded....ok you (poining to b/f) you go........when he left the man told me to pull down my jeans and knickers he came over to me kissed me and started to group me and finger me it was so wrong but so horny i relaxed and even got his cock out ,it didnt take long for me to cum all over his hand

then i was so amazed he caem all over,my hand my belly dripping down to my pussy

i pulled up my jeans walked around to the main road b/f was there he heard everything we went home i masturbated in bed that night