Written by Anonymous

22 Mar 2009

My wife had organised a party to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary,We went to our local where she had all our friends gathered,I didn't know she had organised this party, and got a bit of a shock when i saw them all there.We mingled with our friends and after a few drinks I found myself surrounded by a lot of young people listening to stories of the old times,One of these people was my sons girlfriend,God,was she horny looking,She was wearing a short skirt and a tight top which showed off two beautiful nipples,I had a horn just looking at her,as the night progressed,i found her sitting next to me and asking me if all the stories i had told were true,I told her they were,but i had toned them down a little because of my young audience,She gave me a sly wink and said she would like to hear the true version of the story,I told her if she wanted to hear it she would have to be away from her friends as they were too young to hear the real story.At this stage I knew she was teasing me,she would lean across me to talk to one of her friends,and as she did so she would put her hand on my knee,Jesus,the feel of her hand sent shocks up through me,my cock was trying to burst out of my trousers.The night went by and we returned to the house,bringing a carry out with us,we continued drinking and i found my sons girlfriend sitting oppsite me on a chair,On a few occasions i caught a glimpse of her white G-string as she crossed and uncrossed her legs,the dirty bitch knew what she was doing because I caught her looking down at the bulge my cock was making in my trousers.As usual at a party,there were more people than beds,so when the party was coming to an end my wife started organising the sleeping arrangements,she put my son and two of his friends in our bed,she put two girls in another room and two other lads in the small bedroom,She made up the settee for our sons girlfriend and we were going to sleep on a mattress on the floor.When the party finally finished we all retired to our sleeping quarters,my son and his girlfriend went to the kitchen for a while,my wife and i got the mattress out and went to bed,I slept nearest to the settee in the hope that i might get a look at a bit of flesh as the girl got into bed.I knew my wife would sleep soundly because she always did after a feww drinks,and this night she had consumed quite a lot.I waited until i heard her breathing get heavy and i took off my boxers and layed ther naked,After about an hour i heard my son saying goodnight to his girl and he went upstairs,his girl came to the settee and to my delight stripped down to her bra and G-string and got under the quilt,i was laying on my side facing her,i tried to give her the impression that i thought she was asleep,and i quietly rolled the quilt off myself,just enough for my cock to be seen,i started to wank it,and even though i had my eyes half closed i could see her looking at me,before long she shoved her quilt off herself and put her hand inside her G-string and started to rub her cunt,i threw my quilt completely off myself and wanked myself up to full erection,She took off her G-string,and bra,opened her legs and wanked her cunt,I looked into her eyes and pointing to my cock asked her if she wanted it,she nodded yes and i reached over and put my hand between her legs,she was so wet i had no problem shoving two fingers well into her cunt.after two minutes of finger fucking her i got up and went over and mounted her,my cock was rock solid,and i was so horny that i spunked her within seconds,I told her i wanted more so we went quietly to the kitchen and i sat her on the table,I pulled her out to the edge and shoved my cock up her,she said "like father like son",This is the way your son fucked me earlier,now i knew why she was so wet.I put my hands around her arse and pulled her onto my cock,she layed back and played with her tits and i fucked her as hard as i could,driving my cock well into her,she was so fucking horny she grabbed hold of the edge of the table and pulled herself on to my cock trying to get it up further,i spunked her again and even after two spunkings my cock wouldn't go down,so i took her off the table and got her on the floor doggy style,i got so carried away that i pulled out too far and as i was driving it back in i shoved it up against her arsehole,i said sorry but she rurprised me by saying i could fuck her arse if i wanted to,She didn't have to tell me a second time,I spit on my hand and rubbed it on her arsehole then shoved my cock all the way in,This was heaven,i pounded her arse like a jack hammer,i pulled out of her arse and drove it up her cunt,then back in her arse again,i spunked her twice more,once up her arsehole and once up her cunt.We went back to our mattress and settee and went to sleep,the next morning the boys who were sleepig with my son came down and said they were going home,i got up and went to the kitchen to make a coffee,the girl came in and standing behind me she put her arms around me and played with my cock,she said put it up me and make me wet i'm going up to your son and i want to be thinking of your cock up me, when he is fucking me,she left me and went up to my son,i could hear them fucking and had to have a wank listening to them,When they came down,she got me on my own and aked me if we could make it a regular thing and i told her we could,she has told me she has a friend who wants to join us for a session,so if this does happen i will let you know.