Written by zara

3 Sep 2016

Hi l,m Zara from Armagh in the North of Ireland. l haven,t seen many stories on here posted from Northern Ireland, so l thought I,d better show everyone that there is lots of sluts North of the border, including myself. lm 24, size 8, 36b breasts and love cock. l don't intend ever getting married as l couldn't imagine me being happy being fucked by the one guy for the rest of my life. If l did marry, he would have to be into swinging or allow me to have other men. l love to go out and meet men for casual sex. lm very adventurous, love to tease, and lm quite an exhibitionist. Guys who know me, know what lm like and are always trying to get into my knickers, which suits me fine. So here goes.

A couple of months ago, l was out with a couple of my girlfriends for drinks at a local bar in town. There was a good crowd in the bar and we were having a bit of craic and a good few drinks. Most of the people in the bar were people we know and a few guys had asked me out, but it was too early in the night and l was enjoying getting drunk. About 10, a 2 piece band started to play and, as the people got drunker, they started to get up on the floor and dance. A man in his early forties was sitting at the bar, l had never seen him before, he was very good looking, black hair, tanned complexion, with a fit body for his age. l walked up to the bar to get me and my mates a round of drinks. l was standing beside him ordering my drinks when l turned around to him and asked him where he was from as l had never seen him in town before. He told me he was from Dublin and was staying in the Armagh City Hotel, here on business. We chatted a bit more, he was very charming, he told me he was bored sitting in the hotel room and decided to go out and see what the nightlife was like. Its usually pretty boring l told him. He said he couldn't imagine life around here boring with good looking girls like me about. l could feel myself getting excited, I,d never had an older man before. The though of it was making me wet.

l returned to my friends and gave them their drinks. They teased me about the man saying that he was staring at me as we spoke. A few drinks later l decided to go over to him again. l would tease him and see where this would go. l waited until the barstool beside him was vacant and went over and climbed up beside him and started to chat. l was wearing a white dress with a low cut top to show off my assets, and it was very short, just long enough to cover my modesty. l had a white thong on, which was lace on the front and almost seethrough. As we chatted everytime l went to lift my drink l leaned forward, making sure he could see down my top. l could see his eyes moving to my tits every time l did this. After a while, l moved round on the barstool so l was facing him, l started to open my legs as we talked and watched his eyes darting down to see what he could see. What you looking at, l asked. Your not leaving much to the imagination, he grinned. Why what can you see, l asked cheekily. l can see your knickers, he replied, the,re white and very sexy. l can almost see your pussy through them, lets dance.

Up on the dance floor we danced and then a smoochy song came on and he pulled me close. He started to whisper compliments in my ear and was running his hands up and down my back. My friends and everyone who knew me were staring at us on the floor, they knew that this was going to be my fuck for the night. One of my friends, who was very drunk by now, came over and said," Are you gonna fuck him tonight or what. If you are we wanna watch." The man was embarrassed, but l wasn't, three of my girlfriends had seen me being fucked at a house party a couple of years ago, and they still talked about. One of my friends had even said that she thought about that night on a number of occasions when using her vibrator, which l found a real turn-on. Another slow number came on and his hands started to wander to my ass, slowly moving them up and down my butt cheeks and then squeezing them. "well are you," he asked. "yes" l whispered.

After the song ended, we sat down in a little booth and he got us a couple of drinks. He started to snuggle at my ear, whispering how pretty and sexy l was. l turned my head around and started to kiss him on the lips, he was a great kisser, and was turning me on, l could feel my pussy juices starting to flow. He put his hand on my leg and started to inch his way up my dress. Within seconds his hand was on my pussy and he started to rub it through my knickers. The juices were starting to flow through the gusset of my knickers as he rubbed harder and harder. l couldn't help myself but put my hand on his cock and start to rub it through his trousers. " Lets go outside," l whispered, and winked over at my friends to let them know what was happening.

We went outside. Near the bar was a little entry, a walkway that takes you down to the Mall, a big area of green were they play cricket and stuff, for those of you who don't know. l lead him down the entry around a little corner were it would be more private. l kissed him passionately and started to undo his belt, l opened his trousers and dropped to my knees and took his cock out. It was a beautiful thick hard cock. l looked at it and then put it in my mouth and started to suck it. l slid my mouth up and down his shaft while cupping his balls in my hand. He was groaning with pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye, l caught a glimse of 2 of my friends peeping around the corner, one of them had a camera phone in her hand and was clearly filming the whole episode. This just turned me on even more and l sucked his big dick even more, wanking it as my mouth run up and down his shaft. "Fuck me," I begged. My fanny was now throbbing with desire. I stood up and he turned me round so l was facing the wall, pulled up my dress, pulled my thong to the side, and entered me. He was fucking me doggy style against the wall, pumping harder and harder with every stroke, my pussy was on fire with pleasure.

My friends were now in clear view, with the light of the camera phone lighting up the alley. He didn't seem to care, he just kept fucking me harder and harder. Suddenly, l felt him twitch, l knew he was going to cum. I wanted to make this a memorable show for the camera, so l pushed him back and his cock popped out of my pussy. l turned round, went back onto to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. l started to suck it and wank it until he let a big groan and l could feel his seed shooting into my mouth. l licked it clean and then looked over to the camera and opened my mouth and let his spunk dribble down my chin. The man didn't seem to bothered about my friends filming the action, in fact, he told us he would be in town for 2 more days and gave us his room number if we wanted to see him again. I think he was hoping to have us all before he went home. We all headed home then and my friend wired her phone into her tv and we watched the 15 minute film. One of my mates couldn't help herself, she asked for it to be put on again, and this time, fingered herself as she watched. Hope you enjoyed the story and look forward to your comments.