Written by Annietalon

10 Jul 2013

Its my first time writing anything...so go easy on me ;)

A few years I met D who was a prison officer and thankfully he had the same open mind as me when it comes to sex.....we used to have sex when and where possible....and I loved it when he used to visit me still in his uniform,would jump on him straightaway.

After being together for a few months we needed to inject a bit of spice to our sex lives....at first we would go to a bar and he would watch as I would get hit on by other guys,never did more than just flirt with them....but that got boring pretty quickly and I hated having to flirt with there gorgeous guys and not get any rewards.

I suggested that we should go one step further and I would have sex with these guys in a place where he could watch...he loved the idea!!!

The following Sat nite we traveled to Kilkenny and went out for the night,very quickly I was hit on by 2 guys who were at a stag do.....D was watching as I left the bar with them and headed for the car park....we found a quite spot and I gave one of them a blowjob,he tasted yummy....I sucked him until he had cum really hard....His mate was getting imapaitent ,so I took his cock and did the same to him,in the meantime the other guy had lifted up my skirt and was rubbing my clit...I knew D wasnt far away so made sure to moan loud enough for him to hear. Guy number 2 pulled my boob tube down and was licking and sucking my nipples.....guy 1 was getting really hard again,I could feel his cock on my back,I moved to get his cock into position near my pussy,he thrusted into me so hard I nearly fell.....At this stage I was really wet and knew that it wouldnt take much to make me cum......as guy 1 was fucking me really hard,guy 2 had put his cock into my mouth,pushing so hard I was nearly gagging.....being fucked by 2 guys had always been a fantasy of mine and D knew this too.....

I looked to my left and could see D watching.....to be honest I think the 2 guys knew he was there as well....D had his cock out and he was rock hard and wanking furiously....

The guys switched positions and guy 1 was thrusting really hard into me...I came almost straightaway,cum flowing out of me as Guy 1 came hard and loud......Guy 2 quickly moved himself into position and starting fucking me as soon as the other guy was out of the way........he came so hard....the moaning was so loud I honestly thought we would get caught...and that made all horny again....