Written by BMc

3 May 2017

As people will see by my profile, i am a Black man, living in semi rural Ireland, i very seldom go out, as i felt people looked differently at me, i seldom drink, but when i do go out, i like to drink a beer, and it was on one of these outings that i bumped into a neighbour of mine, He was at the bar drinking with a friend of his, and i was a bit surprised when he called out to me to come and join them, i had seen him several times, but didn't know him, he introduced his friend, (who was also a workmate of his), then he told me who he was, lets just call him Tony, he called a round of drinks and we started chatting, the usual men's talk, where we were working, how long had i been in Ireland, did i like it, and was i married, by the time we had got that far, it was time for another drink, so i called one, this went on for about an hour and a half, and as usual, with all men in a bar after a few drinks, the conversation somehow got round to sex, with Tony asking me the question i assume every black man has been asked, "is it true what they say about Black men being well hung", I told him i didn't know, but i'd never had a complaint, we laughed about it, and i went to use the toilei see what you mean about no complaints h as i was pissing into the urinal, Tony appeared at the next urinal, i saw him looking down, and he smiled, "i see what you mean about no complaints he said", it was then he dropped the bombshell, "my wife would fucking love to take that he said" I didn't want to tell him id seen his wife passing my house, and i wouldn't mind giving it to her, we didnt say any more about it, because someone else came in to use the toilet, there was no more said about it while we were in the company of his friend either, but when the friend left, and we consumed another few pints, he asked me if i had thought about fucking his wife, I felt slightly insulted when he said he would blindfold his wife so she wouldn't see who was fucking her, it very nearly didn't happen, until he explained that was how his wife liked it, he explained it this way, if his wife didnt see who was fucking her, she felt she could deny ever being fucked by someone else, i didnt say whether id fuck her or not, but still gave him my phone number just in case, someone else came in that knew him, and as they started chatting, i told him id had my quota of beer, that i wasnt a big drinker, we said our good nights, and i headed for home, i had just about reached my own house when my phone rang, "Hi Brendan, this is Tony i heard, where are you now, "just going in home i replied", my cock stood up when i heard the next words, "im on my way home, can i ring you in half an hour, ill have my wife ready for you", i thought he was bluffing, but i still said yes, i went in home and sat watching TV for a while, 45 minutes passed, and i decided to go to bed, thinking he had fell asleep and forgotten about me, just as i turned the TV off, my phone rang, "sorry about the delay Brendan i heard, my wife had her sister here with her, but shes ready now, can you come up the alley to the back door, ill be waiting there for you, i told him ok, id be there in about 6 minutes, i turned out the lights, and went out my back door, which had the same alley that would take me to Tony's back door, when i reached his house, i saw him standing at the door in a sorta bathrobe, or housecoat, when i went in, he put his finger to his lips, and told me to just fuck her, and dont speak, i nodded that i understood, he asked me if i would mind him sitting on a chair in the room watching us, i told him fuck no, i could see he was excited, his cock was pushing the dressing gown out as it stood up, what Tony didnt know was, i would have sucked his cock as quick as id suck his wife, when he led me up the stairs and into the bedroom, i saw his wife laying on the bed naked, she was on her belly, and her legs were open, enough for me to see a lovely bald cunt, i could see it was wet, which told me Tony had already been up it, as Tony watched me, i stripped in two seconds flat, and i know there should have been a bit of foreplay, but i was too excited, i got on the bed and lay on top of her, she was so wet, my cock just slipped up into her, and i was so fucking excited, i only got about 8/9 strokes up her when i started creaming into her, but that didnt bother me, i knew i was good for about 5/6 spunks, when id filled her cunt, i settled down to fuck her slowly, and V V deep, but the exciting part was yet to come, i looked to my left and saw Tony standing naked, wanking his cock, he took hold of his wifes hand and told her to wank him, as she did, he said, do you like it baby, she told him it was fucking lovely, did you like him creaming you baby he asked her, she said fuck yes, i want more, i creamed her again, listening to them talking, but the best spunk i got was when Tony reached down and started caressing my balls as my cock went up his wife, and even better when he started rubbing his hand over the cheeks of my arse, i didnt know who she was, but Tony asked his wife if Margaret would like it, she said, "fuck yes, she'd love it"

i spunked Tony's wife 6 times, and then i pulled out to let Tony up her, a lot more happened, but i dont want to bore you, and i promise i will come back and tell you the rest, look out for the continuation of this story

by the way, im always available for horny chat if anyone wants it, Bye for now