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My husband wants anal

"Bad experience"
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Published 11 months ago
My husband has been asking me to have anal sex for years now but lately he won't stop going on about it to the point where he has said that it is going to destroy our marriage. Obviously an ultimatum. But it won't happen. So I've come up with a plan. But before I spill the beans, let me explain why anal is a no no for me. I was flying out to Turkey as a 19year old with my friend. I had met my husband to be a week earlier but the holiday was already booked so I decided not to let my friend down and go anyway. She had been there the year before and hooked up with some young turk. When we got there he was waiting and we all headed back to the hotel. I spent the next 2days more or less in the lobby and they got to know each other. My friend was making me jealous saying how great the sex was and I should hook up with his friend, so I did. We went on a double date and we ended up back in the residents bar. As some point my friend slipped off upto the room. Myself and my date headed up to the room but when I open the door my friend was spread eagled on the bed getting pounded before we could shut the door the turk pulled out and faced us with this massive hard on. He was a big fellow. So we shut the door and headed for the lift. I noticed my guy was bulging out of his trousers. I joked about his friends dick being like an elephants trunk and hoped I wouldn't be disappointed. Some drunken statement like that suppose to lighten the mood after what we walked in on. He walked outside the hotel and before I knew it I was in a taxi with him. That will tell you how drunk I was. We ended up in some dirty shady apartment place. I was really nervous now and started to sober up. We got out and headed into this ground floor apartment and as soon as I got in he was all over me, I remember thinking I was going to give him a good time. ''Fuck it''. He stripped me and forced my head down for a blow job. I was sucking his dick when pulled my head away and said something about it not being big enough for me. He told me to sit on the chair and he went into the kitchen, he came back launched at me again. He turned me over and put his hand and fingers up my ass. He had clearly greased his hand with oil or butter and then he stuck his dick in my ass. The whole time calling me a irish slut. He was pounding that hard and fast I thought my arse was going to split. After he ejaculated in my arse he tried to a hard on again but couldn't. I spent five minutes sucking his floppy dick but I could see he was getting frustrated then his dad or uncle showed up and he picked up his clothes and legged it out the front with this fat 50year old swinging and shouting at him in turkish. He then turned to me as I was picking up my clothes, he stood me up and tried to feel my breast but I pushed his hand away but without warning he grabbed my hand and through me out the front door. I knocked on the door for my clothes but he just tried to grab my tit. After an hour or so hiding behind a bush naked I thought to myself that the sun would be coming up soon and the only way to get my clothes was to let this fat fuck feel my tits. So I knocked on the door with my hands by my side. He opened the door and put his hand on my breast, having himself a good feel. He invited me in asking if I was English , I said no Irish and he said I was a dirty slut for spreading my legs in his home. He then undressed and told me if I wanted my clothes I would have to work for them. His dick was was starting to harden right in front of me. Maybe a hand job would get me out of this. So I started to give him a hand job as he inspected ever inch of my body but no he wanted my mouth around his dick. He sat me down with my back against the wall so my head couldn't pull away and he fucked my mouth ignoring my inability to breathe and just looking after himself. I remember his fat belly hitting my forehead as he forced his swollen dick deeper into my mouth. He eventually came, a lot right down the back of my throat. He was erect in no time and fucked me solid for the next hour eventually cumin in my vagina. He was rubbing oil into my arse for a third go when his wife walked in and started to slap him and me around the place. I grabbed my clothes and started to dress as quick as I could. After awhile mister fat man and his wife drove me back to the hotel. Weird I know. And the whole time my arse was killing me. So that's why I have a block against anything going near my arse hole. My plan is to ask a friend of mine to bend over for my husband. Its the only way I think as he is going to fuck someone in the arse if I don't let him so better being someone I know than someone I don't. Am I mad. I know everyone says anal can be great but its not for me.

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