Written by Paddy

9 May 2012

Well our first proper night out in the canaries

We got all dressed up for the night , my girlfriend was wearing a new ultra short cheerleader leader skirt with a nice revealing top and a pair of her sexy boots (which she calls her ride me boots) just as we are ready to go out she says to me nickers or not to which I reply are we playing the slut game & she says yes & she says thong it is so,,so we head out on the town for a bar crawl & then on to a club later,, my girlfriend goes into the club before me so that I can watch all the guys & girls looking & lusting after her,,she goes up to the bar and orders a drink and heads to the dance floor dancing provocatively & drawing plenty of admirers so now it's my turn to join her and try to crack on to her,,I walk up to her & dance behind her and start kissing her and feeling her up , I could see that a lot of people were paying us plenty of attention so we moved off the dance floor to a seating area in the side of the club ,,we continued kissing & groping in the corner,, we were getting very carried away and getting Hornier and Hornier as we were being watched by our new fans so we decided to step it up a gear as I dropped the hand into her box and began fingering her and playing with her clit, I could feel her breathing getting faster and she was almost panting like a dog , her pussy was so wet that I could hear it squelching & feel her juice running down my hand,, I say to her will we go into the toilet for a shag & she says no lets do it here because no one knows us here and we are playing the slut game,,,so without any further talk i pull her nickers to the side and she sits on the side of the bar stool with her legs wrapped around me as i shag her furiously till I shoot my load right in to her red hot pussy,,,I could feel our hearts pounding in our chests as we hold each other and kiss passionately,,,,we end the night by having a few more drinks and a bit more groping n the dance floor,, then it was time to go home so we got a taxi and both sat in the back,, as we got in to the car she winked at me as if to say at the slut game again ,that was all the invitation I needed so I reached over and started shifting the face off of her and dropped the hand straight down to her thighs and hitched up her short skirt and began fingering her as hard as I could to which she began moaning quitleyvwith her eyes rolling in her head,, I could see the taxi driver looking longingly at us as he adjusted his mirror to see right between her legs to her pussy, I could see him rubbing his crotch and starting to have a sneaky wank while driving extra slow ,,so we carried on with our show in the back seat ,, I pulled the nickers off her as she opened my pants & grabbed my cock and shoved it into her mouth almost gagging on it as she sucked the cock off of me as I fingered her soon after I pushed her back on the seat and started riding her while still holding her moist nickers in my hand , I put her legs up on my shoulders as I shoved my cock in as far as it would go,,she was loving it and so was the taxi driver,, I could feel her pussy hot around my cock as I shot my load in to her,I could see the cum dripping out of her so I wiped it with her nickers and we both sat back in the seat and held each other ,, a couple of minutes later we arrived at our destination ,so I asked the driver how much & he said its free to which I said thanks.. As an extra reward for him I left her nickers on the back seat, as soon as we were out of the car u saw him reach back and grab them and rub them all over his face and Snelling them ,, that made us so horny to see he enjoyed our little performance,,,so we went straight up to our room to where the nights antics were only just beginning & we spent the whole night shagging & sucking & licking.... It wads great night & just the beginning of what we were going to get up because I knew the next night we were going to a school disco themed night & I couldnt wait to see her in her britney spears school uniform gear!!!!!!!