Written by laverda

14 Dec 2009

hi all debs was out on the town with her girl friends again , as the night wore on they all got tipsy,, she told me a group of guys came into the pub and straight away one stood out for her. she saw him headding to the toilet and she said she followed him and she waited for him to come out , so on purpse by accedent she bumped into him and he held her up from falling , they got chatting , she has big tits and she noticed he kept looking at her tits all the time , debs dresses well with a lot af clevage shown , in her tipsy state she asked him do u like them and he said yes she asked would u like to touch them and he said yes , she asked would u like to suck my big nipples he said yes at that stage debs was turned on and so was he , i asked how did she know he was turned on , she put her hand down and felt his cock and it was hard ,she said it felt good ,,she told me she whispered in his ear lets go and fuck , both just walked out the back door of the pub ,, then she txt me , on the txt it said ,, hi hun is it ok if i get fucked , just met a guy i fancy fucking him ,,,, i read it and txt back u have fun love , i want all the gooey mess and the gory details later,,,,, Debs said they got in his car in the car park , he asked who she txt she said the man in her life and she showed him the reply i had sent , debs opened his pants and got his cock out she told me later it was nine / ten inches long he opened her top and let her tits free he sucked her tits and was making his way up her legs she was sucking his cock he reached her pussy , she was not wearing any nickers , he seemed shocked debs rarely wears nickers on nights out with her girlfriends , she was turned on , she was sucking him long and fast , he had his finger in her pussy ,she kept sucking him and without warning he blew his load of cum inside her mouth and she swallowed it or as mutch as she could , some squirted onto her tits which she made him lick off when she started fucking him , ,,, he started to go limp but she wanted cock up inside her , so she kept sucking and in a little time he started to get hard again ,,, debs had him hard and she started to mounted him he reached into the pocket of the car,debs saw condoms and told him that i wanted her full of guey messey cum she continued to mount him ,, she felt that ten inches slide into her wet, turned on, fustrated pussy , debs told me she had hin up so far thathis balls were squashed between her bum and his legs , she never had a cock so deep inside her before , while she was feeling this he was licking and sucking her double dees , she stared moving up and down on his pole of a cock , it was having the desired efect for her ,, she could feel her orgasm building , she fucked that pole for what felt like hours , feeling it hitting new hights , hitting where no cock had been before ,, debs said she fucked him as fast as her body was able and then it happened her orgasm blew her over the top and about the same time he emptied his cock for the second time deep inside her pussy ,,, debs dismounted him exausted ,,,,,,,,she said she chatted for a little time , windows were fogged up and out of no where the rear door opened and in sat one of his friends he had came into the pub with, debs was shocked so was he , its only then debs got his name ,, john and was introduced to mark who sat in the back , debs was still almost naked ,, mark happened to blurt out that deb had beautiful large tits ,, debs said that she looked at john and said that this is how this happened , and we all laughted ,,,, mark started to say that he was getting hard just looking at debs almost naked with georgious tits that he would love to hold and play with ,, debs told me she sat back in the seat and reclined it and said to mark what was he waiting for ,,, with that i got a other txt saying that it would be late when she would get home and all is ok , i just txt back and said i hope she was having fun , she told me mark started feeling her as she was txting marks cock was hard , he posioned him self so debs could suck him mark was not as big as john but it felt good to suck ,, at this stage deb said she had johns cock in her hand wanking him and mark in her mouth ,, john was getting hard again and mark was so excited he blew his load into debs mouth and she swallowed all of it , john was rock hard and deb told him to get on top of her and he did deb told him to fuck her as hard as he was able ,, she said the feeling of that ten inches was increadable ,, she said he pounded and pounded her pussy for a hour until he came again , during that hour deb had sucked mark off again and had a out of this world orgasm ,,,,, at a few minutes to 4 am i got a txt would i cum and collect her at the square in town ,, i drove straight there deb sat in and kissed me full on , i said u have had cock in ur mouth she said yes i had , she said she had 3 loads of cum eaten and swallowed from 2 men , i was hard instantly , as i was driving she put my left hand up between her legs and my god her pussy was oosing cum out and down her legs , i asked deb to plug her pussy so not to loose all that beautiful nector mixture of cum and her juces ,, i asked how cocks she had up inside her , i was told just one but had it twice she said but what a cock it was ,, we arrived home deb hoveled to the bed room still with her finger holding that nector for me ,,, deb lid down and i started to eat her pussy and it was so good ,, i licked and licked until deb had another orgasm , in the morning deb told me the whole story and wanked me off ,, i kissed her all day still getting the taste of cock from her lips ,, i love a cum filled pussey ,,,, ANY OF U LADIES OR COUPLES THAT WOULD LIKE TO BE LICKED CLEAN LEAVE A COMMENT